’s Top 8 Father’s Day Gifts for 2020

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Updated Jun 17, 2020
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Father’s Day is right around the corner, and we bet you’re searching for the perfect gift. Whether your dad loves the outdoors or new high-tech gadgets, we have a few of the best top picks to make this year extra special. 

2020 Father's Day Gift Guide


Echo Buds, $129.99

  • You’ve heard of Apple’s Airpods, but Amazon is changing the game with their Echo Buds that are perfect if you have a dad who’s on-the-go. You’ll have hands-free access to Amazon Alexa, along with support for Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Sweat-resistant and equipped with Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology, the Echo Buds can last up to 20 hours with 15 minutes of charging time. Dad will be able to play his favorite music, take calls, access apps and make hands-free to-do lists for later with these Echo Buds handy. 

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Weber Stainless Steel Smoker Box, $24.99

  • Turn dad’s grill into a smoker with this stainless steel smoke box. Just add smoke chips to the box and the smoke flavor will rise to your food that’s cooking on the grill. This fits most grills to give food a smoky flavor without needing to spend hundreds on a smoker. Weber’s smoker box is made out of stainless steel for durability when grilling and a long-lasting smoker at a fraction of the cost. 

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Bowflex Home Gym Series, $799.00

  • If you’re looking for the ultimate at-home gym for your dad, this gym gadget is all you need. It comes with over 60 full-body exercises. The Bowflex includes a lat bar, aerobic rowing, squat bar and folding bench with wheels to easily store in a closet or garage for convenience. This home gym has 210lbs of Power Rod resistance, but it can be upgraded to 310 or 410lbs for extra strength-building. 

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Yeti Roadie Cooler, $199.98

  • Yeti has been known to have some of the best coolers and tumblers to keep food and drinks insulated on the go. The cooler’s thin and lightweight design makes it easy to transport in your car and the handle is made of flexible high-quality material to be comfortable for carrying. The Roadie holds up to 24lbs of ice or 18 cans and is tall enough to store wine upright. It’s the perfect gift for a day at the beach, fishing or tailgating. 

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Ninja 7-in-1 Foodie, $179.99

  • Got a dad who loves to cook? The Ninja 7-in-1 foodie is the ultimate cooking device to make all of his favorite dishes quickly and guilt-free. It’s a pressure cooker, air fryer, slow cooker, tender crisper and more in one. It can even hold up to 4lbs of chicken at once. The Ninja Foodie holds up to 5 quarts but comes in a 6.5- and 8-quart version if your dad always cooks big meals. 

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Kootek Portable Camping Hammock, $21.99

  • If your dad loves camping or simply loves to relax a hammock is a good way to go. It comes in a bag that’s easy to take on the go easily, and each strap is 10 feet long to attach to trees or poles. This Kootek hammock holds up to 500lbs to hold two people comfortably and comes in a variety of colors to choose from. It’s perfect for hiking, beach trips or a relaxing evening in the backyard with a book. 

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TriNova Foam Cannon, $34.97

  • If your dad is always washing his car, a foam cannon is a great gift. Dad can use this to get all of the dust, dirt and hard to reach areas of his car to clean every spec. You can choose to get the foam cannon alone or with one gallon of soap. The cannon’s knob is adjustable to control the foam and spray levels. This ultimate car washing gadget is sure to make cleaning easier and faster for your dad to have a clean ride. 

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BIBURY Titanium 18-in-1 Toolset, $26.99

  • If your dad is a handyman around the house, he might be able to get the job done with these 18 tools. The BIBURY Titanium 18-in-1 is a pocket knife, pliers, bottle opener, screwdriver and more in one tool. It’s designed to be a sharp toolset to get the job done with stainless steel. BIBURY guarantees 10 years of customer service to handle any customer concerns after purchasing. This tool is also perfect on the go, whether hiking or around the house. 

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Still not sure what to get your dad this year? Browse Amazon’s Father’s Day gifts with top picks from editors and customers to pick the perfect gift. You’ll find everything from grooming to grilling to pick the perfect gift for your dad. 

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