Coronavirus Scams to Watch Out For

Dashia Starr
Updated Mar 19, 2020
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Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to safeguard your information. Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of people during the Coronavirus pandemic. Criminals are launching new scams weekly to get ahold of personal information and money. The number of scams will only grow and seem more legitimate. 

Most scammers are targeting seniors to get information and money using a few methods. Here’s what to watch out for: 

  • Phone calls, text messages and emails from the Centers for Disease Control or the World Health Organization posing as officials with official or new information. 
  • More emails from scammers that are selling products to combat or cure the virus. Customers are lured into buying the products, but never get them. 
  • Links about COVID-19 to sites that run malware on your computer in an effort to steal your information.  
  • Websites and emails that are geared to help others or sell products, but are scams for money. 
  • Direct messages on social media platforms that promise free goods and services during the pandemic. Watch out for scammers selling teas, oils, toothpaste, dietary supplements and creams.

The list of scams is expected to grow in the coming weeks. Thankfully, the FBI and FTC are working swiftly to stop fraud and potential identity theft. During this time and any other time, make sure you’re following safe Internet practices. 

  • Keep a close watch on all of your accounts for potential hacks, unauthorized changed settings and messages. It’s extremely important to watch your bank and credit accounts. 
  • Change your passwords to be more secure if you haven’t already with letters, numbers and symbols. 
  • Pay close attention to email addresses and websites that you aren’t familiar with. If you’re unsure call the official office to confirm the information and email.   
  • Consider an identity theft monitoring and protection service to get instant alerts if your information is found in a data breach or the Dark Web.

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