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Get a seamless experience between smart home devices and security with Google Nest. The Google Nest Secure alarm system keeps protection simple but gives you lots of room to create a connected, safe home.
Updated Jun 8, 2021

What Sets Google Nest Secure Apart?

Designed to be easy for you to use but hard on intruders, the Google Nest Secure alarm system comes with the essentials you’ll need to protect your family and home. Google Nest also offers a host of other devices like security cameras, a video doorbell, smart lock and more that you can purchase separately and use with your home security system.

If you’d like professional monitoring for your system, Google Nest partners with Brinks Home Security, and you can choose between two monitoring plans. The cost of monitoring ranges from $ – $29.00/mo. The $19.00/mo. plan requires a 3-year service agreement with Brinks, but the $29.00/mo. plan does not require a contract. You can purchase the Google Nest alarm system for $399.00 or finance it with Google Store Financing.

*Google recently announced it is discontinuing the Nest Secure DIY home security system. It is no longer available on the Google Store, and the company will not manufacture any new units. The system is currently still available from other retailers. Current Nest Secure users will still receive Brinks professional monitoring for their existing systems. Nest says that they “will continue to support our security users in all the same ways,” according to CNET will provide updates on Google Nest Secure as they become available.


  • Lots of smart home devices and technologies can be used with the security system
  • Optional professional installation
  • Easy-to-use design


  • Smart home devices have to be purchased separately
  • Month-to-month professional monitoring is more expensive than the contract option
  • You could lose a Nest Tag key fob for arming/disarming

Nest Security Package

  • Nest Secure Alarm System

    Starting at

    Our Take

    The Google Nest Secure alarm system is great for protecting your home with the essentials. One of the perks of Google Nest is being able to use other Nest security and smart home devices to create a more seamless experience. With a Google Assistant-enabled speaker, you’ll be able to issue commands for your alarm system. The Nest Tags make arming and disarming a cinch by simply swiping in or out. The Google Nest Secure alarm system retails for $399.00. 

    Package devices and features include:

    • 1 Nest Guard hub
    • 2 Nest Tags
    • 2 Nest Detect motion sensors

Is Nest Security Right For You?

Cost: The Google Nest Secure alarm system is priced at $399 for the basic equipment. Monitoring ranges from $19 to $29.

Contract: A contract is optional with Nest monitoring. If you opt for the $19 per month monitoring program, you’ll lock yourself into a three-year contract. With the more expensive monitoring, you can skip the contract.

Wired or Wireless: Google Nest uses wireless connectivity instead of wired. Google claims that wireless interconnect allows you to add more alarms without additional wiring. Your system can signal alarms throughout the home, rather than just where the danger is. You also don’t have to worry about wiring constraints when deciding where to put your alarms.

Monitoring: Google Nest partners with Brinks Home Security to bring optional professional monitoring to your security system. You can opt for a three-year contract at $19 per month. You can also choose a contract-free option for $29 per month.

Installation: Google Nest allows for DIY installation, meaning you don’t have to pay extra to get your system set up. The company also partners with third parties who can perform your professional installation for a fee.

Equipment: The standard Google Nest Secure alarm system comes with a Nest Guard (which includes an alarm, keypad, and motion sensor), two Nest Tags to arm and disarm your alarm, and two Nest Detect motion sensors for your doors, windows, and rooms. Nest has plenty of other optional equipment you can purchase on top of the package, including the Nest Hello, Nest Hub Max, and Nest cameras.

Nest Pricing

The Google Nest Secure alarm system starts at $399 for the basic equipment of the Nest Hub, Nest Tags, and Nest Detect sensors. You can purchase additional equipment, ranging from $49 to $399. Though the system doesn’t automatically come with professional monitoring, you can choose to add it for either $19 or $29 per month.

Equipment cost starts at:
24/7 professional monitoring
Professional monitoring starts at:
Motion detection
Video surveillance
Available with Nest cameras and video doorbells
Familiar face alerts*
Available with Nest Aware subscription on certain Nest products *Not available on cameras for Illinois residents

Nest Security Installation

Google does not offer installation for its Nest Secure alarm system. Instead, the company partners with Handy and OnTech, which are third-party providers. Handy is a platform that connects you to professional installation companies, while OnTech is a company that can perform professional installation. Installation with OnTech starts at $99.99 for your first device, and an additional $64.99 for each device after that.

Nest Security Equipment

  • Nest Guard Hub

    The Nest Guard Hub is designed with a keypad, alarm, motion sensor, and Google Assistant technology. You’ll be able to arm and disarm the system by security Code or Nest Tag. With no-rush arming and disarming, you can set the amount of time you need to leave or enter (up to five minutes) before the alarm sounds. The Google Nest Secure alarm system comes with one Nest Guard Hub.

  • Nest Tag

    Easily swipe out to arm and swipe in to disarm with a Nest Tag. If you prefer, you can still arm and disarm the Nest Guard by security code. In the event you lose a Nest Tag, you can disable it through the Nest mobile app. The Google Nest Secure alarm system comes with two Nest Tags.

  • Nest Detect

    The Nest Detect is a motion sensor that can stick to your doors, windows, or walls to detect motion and movement. The Google Nest Secure alarm system comes with two Nest Detect sensors.

  • Nest Hello

    See who’s stopping by with the Nest Hello video doorbell. With this device, you’ll receive alerts whenever someone approaches your door, and you can speak to visitors remotely.

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Using Google Secure

Google Nest Secure is a DIY security system that comes equipped with your system hub, as well as equipment to pick up motion and movement, and equipment to arm and disarm your system.

Google also offers plenty of optional Nest products to make your system more robust. You can add the video doorbell to keep an eye on who is coming and going, even when you aren’t home. You can also purchase cameras to place outside your home.

Your Nest app serves as the home base of your wireless security system. You can easily see what’s going on in any part of your home. The app allows you to speak through the video doorbell or monitor your camera. 

Those who want the extra perk of professional monitoring can opt to add that to their security system for either $19 or $29 per month.

Nest Security — Bottom Line

For those who want an alternative to the traditional home security system, Nest is a great option. The Google Nest Secure alarm system comes with a package of basic equipment, all of which you can install yourself. Those who want a more comprehensive alarm system can opt for professional monitoring and the addition of more security devices throughout the interior and exterior of your home.

Nest’s Response to COVID-19: In April 2020, Google temporarily downgraded the camera quality of Nest cameras to conserve internet bandwidth due to the increased number of people working from home. The company also fast-tracked its contactless communication services for hotels. The product was already a pilot program, but Google pushed the product out earlier than expected to help hotels keep their guests safe.

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