What Sets Google Nest Apart?

Google Nest wants to help keep your life simple as you protect your home and family. The Google Nest Secure Alarm System is designed to be easy for you to use but hard on intruders. Devices you’ll find with the Google Nest Secure Alarm System include the Nest Guard, Nest Tags, and Nest Detect sensors. Arming and disarming your alarm system is a cinch with a Nest Tag as you simply swipe it across the Nest Guard hub when you’re headed out and when you return.

With Google Nest, you can also add on additional equipment like the Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Learning Thermostat and more. You can purchase your equipment upfront or finance your alarm system through Google Store Financing. Professional monitoring is optional and ranges from $19.00/mo. – $29.00/mo. with Brinks Home Security.

Nest Security Package

Google Nest Secure Alarm System

Google Nest Secure Alarm System

Starting at: $19.00/mo

If you’re just looking for the basics to protect your home but want unique equipment, The Google Nest Secure Alarm System will cover your bases with the Nest Guard hub, Nest Detect motion sensors and two Nest Tags. You can easily swipe out to arm your security system with a Nest Tag and swipe in to disarm your system. The Nest Detect motion sensors not only detect activity in your home but can also light your way at night with Pathlight and be silenced to avoid disturbing sleeping family members. You can get the Google Nest Secure Alarm System at retail price for $399.00.

Package includes

  • Nest Guard hub
  • 2 Nest Tags
  • 2 Nest Detect motion sensors

Google Nest Equipment and Features

Nest Tag

Nest Tag

No need to remember security codes with this device (unless you want to) as you can arm or disarm your security system with the swipe of a Nest Tag. If you lose one, no worries, you can disable it in the Nest app.

Nest Hello

Nest Hello

Say hello or goodbye to welcome or unwelcome visitors with the Nest Hello video doorbell. Designed to send you alerts when someone approaches your door, you’ll be able to see visitors as well as speak to them no matter where you are through the Nest app.

Nest Cam Indoor

Nest Cam Indoor

Engineered with clear 1080p HD video, the Nest Cam Indoor will allow you to check in on your home to see what’s happening inside. You’ll be able to check in through 24/7 live streaming and can even speak to family members, pets, service professionals and unwelcome visitors.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor

Get a view of what’s happening outside of your door with the Nest Cam Outdoor device. See if your package has finally come in or even tell a service professional that he/she’s welcome to come on in. You can get alerts with a Nest Aware subscription to find out who or what is on your property.

Google Nest Package & Monitoring Costs

The Google Nest Secure Alarm System costs $399.00. You can purchase the equipment upfront or finance the security system through Google Store Financing.  You can also get 24/7 professional monitoring with Brinks Home Security. Brinks offers two plans: you can get professional monitoring for $19.00/mo. with a 36-month contract or pay $29.00/mo. on a month-to-month payment plan. If you want features like 24/7 continuous video recording and familiar face alerts, you can purchase a Nest Aware subscription for $5.00/mo. – $30.00/mo.

Nest Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional help me install my Google Nest alarm system?

Yes, you can hire a Nest Pro in your area to come out and install your alarm system. Once you find a professional, you’ll get their estimate within 48 hours.

Will I be required to sign up for a contract to use Google Nest’s services?

No, you do not have to sign up for a contract to use Nest’s services. If you want to add on professional monitoring for your system, you can choose between the month-to-month payment plan with Brinks Home Security or the 36-month service agreement with Brinks.

What is Google Nest’s return policy?

If you want to return your alarm system purchased from the Google Store, you’ll need to do so within 15 calendar days. If you purchase a Nest Thermostat, you can return your device within 30 days. You may be required to pay a restocking fee and any delivery costs. Visit the Google Help Center to learn more about Google’s return policy.

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