mobile alarm systemsAs on the go as life has become, most of us tote a cell phone or smart phone wherever we go, enabling a constant connection to family, friends, and careers. Now, with a mobile security system, it’s just as easy to be connected with your home security system too.

Especially beneficial as more and more households are dropping their landlines altogether in favor of sole cellular communication, a mobile security system makes it possible to link to a cell or smart phone, which the security company’s monitoring center uses to communicate updates on the status of the home security system. Not only is this the home security solution for homes without a land line, it also expands the connection options for homeowners who want the benefits of both land line communication as well as mobile.

Mobile Security System Features

A mobile alarm system provides every protection of a traditional land line connected home security system, but offers many more options in terms of connection and control. Since a mobile system can connect to a cell phone as well as any web enabled device—computer, tablet, smartphone—the capabilities become much more interactive. Consider the possibilities:

  • Arm/disarm
  • Monitor sensor activity and stream video
  • Control appliances, thermostat, lights
  • Receive alerts from your system via email or text message
  • Schedule messages to be sent to your phone or device

How to Choose a Mobile Alarm System

The options are practically unlimited, depending on the type of phone you have. A cell phone is an easy connection to your monitoring service, and it will receive alerts via text message. But, owners of smart devices that are web-enabled, have myriad choices of options and apps to select. This is where the ability to interact comes in, and homeowners need to determine what degree of control they want or need over their home. Once those needs are determined:

  • Find companies through referral or Better Business Bureau
  • Research and compare options as well as price
  • Consider whether they also offer a monitoring service
  • Be sure a servicing plan or option is provided

Who are Mobile Alarm Systems for?

These days, cell phones and mobile devices are so commonplace, most homeowners will benefit from the additional connection, which will also work as a back-up in case phone lines are down. If you’re someone who keeps a phone close, it can only be advantageous to receive that alert that a motion detector has been triggered, for example, right as it’s happening, wherever you are. And if you also have the ability to control your security system from your phone, you can immediately address the issue. Say, for example, the video camera revealed the motion was a cat and you rest easy.

Generally, you should consider mobile alarm security if you are a:

  • Homeowner without a landline
  • Homeowner looking for 24/7 access to their home security system
  • Homeowner who wants interactive control of their system, wherever they are
  • Homeowner who is always on the go or away from home for long periods
  • Owner of additional properties such as a vacation home
  • Homeowner who wants to monitor the day to day activity of their home remotely

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