How We Compare Products and Security Providers |

Reviews & Rankings Methodology provides well-researched insights at no cost to our readers. In order to keep this service free, we may earn a commission if you click on or buy something via a link on this page. Nevertheless, readers do not pay a premium for following the links on our site, and the opinions and perspectives shared are entirely our own. We apply the following self-defined methodology to bring you fair and objective lists, rankings, recommendation tools and product guides.


What Does Consider When Ranking Products?



Though we cover products at all price points, we strive to identify those that offer the best value for the cost. 

Stand-Out Features

We look for best-in-class specifications in all products. These exact features vary by product category, but the more practical and innovative applications a product can claim, the more likely we are to include it in our recommendations.


Don’t waste your time by searching for hard-to-find products. Our most highly ranked and recommended products are easy to find and purchase throughout the US. 

Brand Recognition & Reputation

Cutting-edge technology companies are emerging the time – and some might be gone tomorrow. In our review process, we assign higher values to products whose manufacturers have stood the test of time.

Trustworthy Reviews

Our technology experts know a thing or two about devices, but we understand everyone has different needs and opinions. We examine all of the available customer reviews to develop a deep understanding of a product’s strengths and weaknesses. This process includes reading between the lines and discounting untrustworthy or unverified reviews. Higher rankings are awarded to products with a high number of high-quality, verified reviews.

Consumer Demand

Best-selling and in-demand products receive a higher ranking. Indications of consumer demand include, but are not limited to, inclusion in best seller lists, awards received and link clicks/product engagement. 

Warranty & Other Reliability Indicators 

We believe that longevity is one of the trademarks of a good value. We assign higher rankings for product reliability, as indicated by competitive warranties, strong customer service, hands-on reviews and experience and other factors. 

What Does Consider When Comparing Home Service Providers?



Any type of home service is an investment, but it shouldn’t break your budget. We evaluate fairness and clarity of pricing packages, cost of equipment and the price of professional monitoring. Providers with clear, competitive pricing receive a better score from us.

Core Technology

We believe that home service providers must meet a number of minimum technology requirements to be considered a top contender in today’s market. These requirements include smart home connectivity, control hub, mobile app access; professional monitoring; and the optional expansion of both hardware and software. 

Expandable Packages

We believe that expandable, scalable home service systems are most beneficial to our readers. After we evaluate the core technology outlined above, we consider whether or not the provider offers favorable optional features such as back-up connectivity, hazard/environmental monitoring, GPS, online dashboards and smart home integration. The more robust the options, the higher the ranking. 

Installation & Set-up

Providers receive a higher rank if the installation and set-up process is clear and customers have access to the resources they need for ensuring that their services work properly, such as professional installation or online how-to guides. 

Trial Period or Flexible Contracts

Each provider’s review is affected by its trial period, coverage and ease of service cancellation. Providers who offer a longer trial period, have great coverage terms and/or an easier cancellation process receive higher scores. Consumers should have enough time to test whether a home service meets their needs and expectations.

Brand Recognition & Reputation

We factor brand reputation into service providers’ overall rankings. Some indications of brand recognition include longevity, Better Business Bureau grade, media attention, industry awards, number of customers, popular demand, business growth, customer satisfaction, and a demonstrated history of responding to customer feedback.