Reviews & Rankings Methodology

Your new security system is made to keep you safe, but feeling confident and in control of your safety is just as important. At, we believe it’s not just about how the hardware and software work, but how well they work to meet your needs. Our Safety Score evaluates both those factors in the four most important categories to help you make the right safety and security decisions for your home. Safety products, services and features are then evaluated based on their best fit category. Each category is scored equally.

Keeping Peace of Mind in Mind

The best security systems don’t just keep you safe — they make you feel safe. When scoring providers and equipment, we go beyond just making sure the equipment works. In addition to functionality, we consider the experience of living with that equipment every day. If you see a high score on, it means we believe that the product or service will keep you safe and worry-free. 

Our Safety Score is designed to be a single number that helps you compare and make the right choice for your home’s security and your peace of mind. Regardless of your reason for getting new security equipment, we want to help you choose the right system and service for you. 

Here’s a closer look at each of the categories we considered when assigning our Safety Score:


Security equipment is designed to protect you in case of theft or other emergencies. It can also be a preventative measure. First, we examine the hardware, services and technical aspects of each provider’s systems designed to keep you safe. Next, we look at everything from cameras to control panels to give you a clear, unbiased view of how each provider can help protect your home. 


In the event of an emergency, you should be able to count on your security system to respond quickly. Whether it’s professional monitoring, instant alerts or high-decibel alarms, you should feel confident that you’ll get the fastest response to help protect your home. 

We use the most up-to-date data to look closely at each provider’s response time, professional monitoring options and mobile app response features in case of emergency. We also consider how easy it is to dispatch for emergencies including calling, automatic dialing and the ability to text. The more options, the higher the provider’s score.


Your security equipment should never make you feel helpless or worried during an emergency or your normal day-to-day. Instead, the best security equipment gives you full control of your home’s security with easy-to-use features for your peace of mind. 

We take everything into account, including mobile apps, smart home functionality and motion-triggered alerts. Top-rated security systems let you do things like disarm your panel using voice commands and mobile app control. Other popular features such as live video recording and two-way talk are important to give you full control and peace of mind. The highest scoring providers make it easy to disarm your system, control lights, lock doors and check camera footage using your smartphone, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 


You should be able to count on your home security equipment to work properly to help keep you safe. Reliability is harder to quantify than other factors, but our team looks closely at customer surveys and third-party reviews for any false alarms, common defects or other issues that customers face. We share an overview of customer reviews to convey their experience and opinions firsthand. 

We gave high scores to providers that have helpful technical support, few false alarms and great customer reviews overall. Those with few hardware malfunctions or connectivity issues also score higher than others.

Video Methodology

At Safety, we put ourselves in your shoes to recommend the best products fit for your needs. We start by narrowing down the devices that meet or exceed our baseline — anything that doesn’t meet that threshold doesn’t get our recommendation. Then, we put them to the test.

Our hands-on testing consists of evaluating each device based on the following specifications: video resolution, the field of view, night vision clarity and range, mobile alerts, motion detection, app usability, and storage options. We weigh these features heavily, as they are crucial for your safety and security. 

To ensure everyone’s needs are met, however, we also evaluate each device on the following features that are nice to have, but not necessary for all: smart home integrations, pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, two-way audio, ease of installation, cellular backup, customizable motion zones, privacy mode, and power outage capabilities. 

Based on our experience testing each of these features, we’ll let you know what stands out to us, covering the good and the not-so-good. Our testing is thorough and personal because the devices and services you choose should work exactly as promised. Rest assured that we won’t

What We Aim to Provide in Our Reviews

Our reviews focus on providing trustworthy information based on specific data that can help you make a confident decision on what’s best for your home and family. We consider all equipment, services and costs included in each provider’s home security system. Our thorough evaluation of each provider will help you identify the benefits, weaknesses and relevant features that each provider offers for your safety and security. Security hardware and software are only useful when they align with your needs. Our job is to help you understand how each plan and each package line up with those needs. 

We revisit our reviews regularly to give you the most up-to-date information on products, providers, services and equipment as the home security industry changes.