One Call Alert Medical Alert Review |

One Call Alert Medical Alert Review

Our One Call medical alert review summarizes and analyzes each device and feature to help you find the right plan for you and your loved ones.

One Call Alert offers a wide variety of options in terms of technology, features and pricing. Regardless of your loved one’s medical concerns, living situation, technology access and lifestyle, there’s a device that suits their situation. One Call provides free equipment for the duration of your subscription, and you can pay on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

Product In-Home Wireless In-Home Landline Mobile On-the-Go Complete Protection Mobile Double
Price Per Month With Annual Subscription $19.95 $22.95 $27.45 $30.79 $33.79
Monitoring Device Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Two-Way Voice Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connect Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Wrist Buttons or Pendant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fall Button Option Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Cellular Technology Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Medication Reminders Option Yes No No Yes No
Mobile GPS Device No No Yes Yes Yes
Cellular Base Station Yes No No Yes No

    OneCallAlert In-Home Wireless

    Starting at $19.95/mo

    Our take

    One Call Alert’s in-home wireless device offers all of One Call’s features except for a GPS device. Therefore, it’s ideal for homebound individuals or those who never leave the house alone. It’s also the most affordable One Call product.

    Package Features

    • Fall detection option
    • Cellular technology — no Internet required
    • Medication reminders option

    OneCallAlert In-Home Landline

    Starting at $22.95/mo

    Our take

    The One Call in-home landline option is ideal for homebound individuals who do not have a history of wandering off. It’s also perfect for those who live in the country, where cellular reception may not be very strong. This system taps into the landline for a reliable voice and audio connection.

    Package Features

    • Two-way voice
    • Waterproof pendant

    One Call Alert Mobile On-the-Go

    Starting at $27.45/mo

    Our take

    This One Call device is meant to be used away from home, making it ideal for people who do not live alone but who like to venture out on their own. The only major feature it lacks is the medication reminder option, and fall detection costs an additional $10 per month.

    Package Features

    • GPS tracking
    • Two-way voice
    • Waterproof pendant or wristband

    One Call Alert Complete Protection

    Starting at $30.79/mo

    Our take

    The Complete Protection package includes a cellular base station with a large emergency alert button and easy volume control, a wearable device and a mobile device. The fall detection and medication reminder options are included in the price of this package. This package also includes a free lock box to help neighbors, friends and loved ones easily enter the home in an emergency situation. 

    Package Features

    • GPS device
    • Fall detection
    • Medication reminder

    One Call Alert Mobile Double

    Starting at $33.79/mo

    Our take

    The Mobile Double plan provides additional mobile alert devices to protect more than one person living at the same address. This is an ideal plan if two or more family members experience health concerns but like to go out on their own. 

    Package Features

    • Two mobile alert devices
    • GPS tracking
    • Two-way voice
One Call Alert Features

One Call Alert Features

With One Call Alert, you can find equipment that meets your exact needs, so you don’t have to pay for features you won’t use. Some of the main features and options include:
  • Monitoring device

    All One Call medical alert devices are professionally monitored, allowing dispatchers to call a friend or 911 depending on the situation.

  • Two-way voice

    The two-way voice feature makes it possible to speak with your loved one when they use the device.

  • Waterproof wrist buttons or pendant

    One Call medical alert devices will continue to function in the rain, in the shower or if food is spilled on them.

  • Fall button option

    If your loved one falls and is unresponsive, help will still be dispatched.

  • Cellular technology

    Ideal for people who maintain an active lifestyle, a device with cellular technology can signal for help outside the home.

  • Medication reminders option

    This option will help your loved one take their medication on time each day.

  • Mobile GPS device

    Some One Call medical alert devices feature a GPS tracker that can help you — or first responders — locate your loved one if they are unresponsive or disoriented.



With no contracts, activation fees or additional equipment purchase fees, plus flexible payment options and a 30-day risk-free trial, One Call Alert maintains a customer-friendly focus. It’s also worth noting that you do not need a separate internet connection or cell phone in order to use the cellular technology-based devices.

Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all equipment package, you can browse the different products to find exactly what you need. Regardless of your loved one’s circumstances, there’s a One Call device that can give you both peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About One Call Alert

Frequently Asked Questions About One Call Alert

How do medical alerts work?

A basic medical alert device is typically worn around the neck as a pendant. It has a button that can be pressed any time someone needs assistance, whether they’ve fallen down, experienced heart attack or stroke symptoms or simply become confused and disoriented. Pressing the button alerts a family member, caregiver, first responders or a monitoring center, depending on the device and how it is programmed. 

Are medical alerts worth it?

Medical alerts give peace of mind to both at-risk individuals and their family members. There’s no greater worry than wondering if your loved one is okay, and a medical alert will let you know the instant they need assistance. In the meantime, no news is good news.

Does One Call Alert require a contract?

No, One Call Alert does not require a contract. You can choose to pay on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

What are One Call Alert’s top features?

According to our One Call medical alert review, its top features include fall detection, medication reminders, GPS capabilities and two-way voice. These features protect your loved one in a variety of circumstances.

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