FastHelp Medical Alert Review

Discover how a FastHelp medical alert device can help you or a loved one in an emergency.
Updated Feb 17, 2021

In this FastHelp medical alert review, you’ll learn how a simple device can be a lifeline in an emergency. Thanks to no monthly fees, a FastHelp medical alert device remains an affordable option that doesn’t skimp on important features. Rely on it anywhere there’s a cellular connection, and easily confirm its operation with the push of a button.

Device Name
FastHelp Medical Alert
Purchase Price
Monthly Fees
Cellular Technology
Rechargeable Battery
Two-Way Audio
Waterproof Design
Fall Detection
Money-back Guarantee
30 days
1 year

FastHelp Medical Alert Plan

FastHelp does not have any monthly plans or fees. Simply pay the one-time initial fee, and you can use the FastHelp device for years to come without receiving an additional bill. FastHelp can avoid charging monthly service fees because the device does not dial a call center. Pressing and holding the emergency button directly dials 911.

FastHelp Medical Alert Features

  • Cellular Technology Works (Almost) Anywhere

    FastHelp uses cellular technology to call 911, so it can be used inside or outside the home as long as there’s a strong cellular connection. You can confirm that you’re in an area with a cellular network by pressing and holding the silver button for five seconds. A green LED light indicates the cellular connection is good, and an audio message will confirm by saying, “Cellular connection good.” If you’re in an area with no cellular access — which means FastHelp will not be able to dial 911 in an emergency — the LED light will turn red and the audio message will say, “No cellular connection.” 

    Create a backup plan with your loved one for a scenario in which there’s no cellular connection. If your loved one happens to live out in the country and there’s no cellular connection at home, then the FastHelp medical alert device may not be a good fit. You can return FastHelp devices within 30 days to receive a refund.

  • Accessible Features for the Visually Impaired and Hard of Hearing

    It’s important to know that FastHelp is actually calling 911 in an emergency. After the red E button is pushed and held for three seconds, the LED light will shine green to indicate success and the audio message “Calling 911” will repeat until you are connected to a 911 dispatcher.

    LED lights and audio messages will also help the user understand whether the battery is sufficiently charged and whether there is a cellular connection available in their current location.

  • Rechargeable Battery, Two-Way Audio and More

    Other features that set FastHelp apart include its rechargeable battery, two-way audio, waterproof design and various wear options. FastHelp comes with a charging cord and cradle that make it easy to charge the device even with poor motor skills or shaky hands. A blue indicator light shows when the battery is fully charged. The light turns red when there’s less than 30% remaining on the battery. 

    Thanks to a speaker and a microphone on the FastHelp medical alert device, your loved one can communicate with 911 to inform them of their location and the cause of the emergency. FastHelp can also approximate the user’s location for 911 dispatchers using GPS triangulation if the user is disoriented. The completely waterproof design means it will even work in the rain or the shower. Finally, the device can be clipped onto a belt, slipped into a pocket or worn as a lanyard, providing any level of discretion desired.


FastHelp reviews all share similar themes: this device is easy to use and has the potential to restore your loved one’s sense of freedom. The modern design of FastHelp makes it easy to wear inconspicuously, all while keeping 911 operators within arm’s reach. There are certainly medical alert devices out there with more options and features, but FastHelp is a simple option for those who want something basic with no monthly fees.

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