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Updated Jun 22, 2021
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The Logitech Circle is one of the few security cameras made for Apple HomeKit. While most cameras and security systems work seamlessly with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, the Logitech Circle supports Apple HomeKit Video for more features, better end-to-end encryption, and automated video recording and streaming using the Home app.

But the camera comes with a few shortcomings, including a fisheye camera view and fewer bells and whistles compared to other standalone cameras, like the Nest IQ Indoor Camera. Plus, the app isn’t as straightforward as other cameras. Here’s what else you need to know before you buy. 

Logitech Circle’s 360-view and other technical features 

The Logitech Circle gives you a full 360-view of what’s happening in your home or yard. But compared to other popular cameras, like the SimpliCam, the Logitech Circle gives a circular 180-degree view instead of a rectangular field of view. On the bright side, the Circle has crystal clear two-way audio and night vision within 15 feet. 

Using Apple HomeKit with Logitech Circle  

The Logitech Circle is filled with features for Apple HomeKit users. You can use the Home app for the following: 

  • Set up your camera 
  • Two-way audio 
  • See live footage and playback recordings 
  • Control customizable activity zones 
  • Instant alerts when your camera detects motion

We also love that the Logitech Circle has a “Smart Privacy” feature to let you choose when your camera records. The camera can record activity while you’re away and turn off or disable recording when you’re home. You’ll need the latest version of iOS and iPadOS to control your camera. It works with HomePod, Apple TV, and iPad, but one of these devices must be set as the Home Hub to access most features, which is a big downside if you want to use the camera without one. 

Logitech Circle storage using iCloud 

You’ll also need an iCloud plan and Home Hub for the HomeKit Secure Video feature. The Circle camera comes with ten days of recording history and access to cloud storage using iCloud. Logitech customers can add one camera to the 200GB iCloud plan or up to five cameras with the 2TB plan for free. The recordings don’t impact your iCloud storage capacity. iCloud subscriptions start at $1 per month and include 5GB of free cloud storage. 

Logitech Circle’s privacy and security features 

If you want to turn off your camera or limit what it sees, the Logitech Circle has a few ways to give you privacy. You can manually turn the camera off using a button on the back, and you can tilt the camera downward to stop the camera from seeing any activity. However, if you choose to tilt the camera down, audio will still be accessible. You can also disable video recording while you’re home if you have a Home Hub setup. But compared to other competitors, the camera can’t be turned off using the app if you’re looking for that convenience. Most importantly, the camera has end-to-end encryption to keep your data and videos safe from cybercriminals. 

Safety summary 

Overall, the Logitech Circle is a good indoor and outdoor camera option, especially for Apple HomeKit users. But if you’re looking for a camera with smart features, like Blue by ADT, Ring, or Nest, this may not be the best camera choice. On the other hand, if you have Apple HomeKit, this is a great camera for basic home surveillance. Take a look at our video overview of the Logitech Circle View to learn more and see it in action for yourself. 

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