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Founded in Utah in 1952, Link Interactive offers a range of home security equipment and flexible plan options for customers. Find out how we’ve rated this provider on their features.
Updated Apr 24, 2020


6 out of 10


  • Link Interactive doesn’t offer any preset packages—they allow you to customize your own package online
  • Link Interactive monitoring ranges from $30.99/mo. - $44.99/mo.
  • Link Interactive requires a 1-year, 2-year or 3-year contract for service

Unlike with most providers, Link Interactive doesn’t offer any preset packages. Instead, on their website, you’ll be able to build your own home security package, choosing from a wide range of equipment. This is good if you know what you want and need, but can be a challenge if you are unsure of which products to choose. If you like having more options rather than picking from pre-selections, then Link Interactive may be right for you.


In terms of professional monitoring, Link Interactive’s monitoring plans range from $30.99/mo. – $44.99/mo. This is competitive compared to other home security providers’ monitoring prices. 


Link Interactive is different from most DIY providers in that they require a contract for service, which is becoming less common among DIY providers.


Link Interactive offers a 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year contract, which does provide some flexibility.

Standout Features

9 out of 10


  • Locked monitoring rates
  • Flexible contract options
  • Cellular monitoring for all plans

Several unique features you’ll find with Link Interactive are locked monitoring rates for the duration of your contract, flexible contract options, and cellular monitoring for all plans. Link Interactive will not surprise you with an uptick in your monitoring rate over time, which makes them a great choice in terms of transparency and stability. Some providers don’t have this amount of transparency, leaving you with a higher bill to pay over time for their services. Additionally, you have the ability to set your contract term, giving you more control. And lastly, cellular monitoring, which increases your security, is available for all plans. 


When comparing Link Interactive’s features to those of other providers in the DIY security space, these are great perks. However, most DIY providers don’t require a contract for service. 


Some DIY providers also offer cellular monitoring across all plans, yet there are some who charge more for this type of monitoring.


9 out of 10


  • A range of security cameras and smart home devices to choose from

With Link Interactive, you’ll be able to choose from a range of security equipment, including the basics for intrusion detection, home environmental monitoring, video surveillance, and home automation. One downside is that while Link Interactive makes it possible to find equipment and customize your system online, their website isn’t the most user-friendly. 


However, if you are looking to automate certain aspects of your home like lighting, temperature, and locking, we’d recommend Link Interactive. Compared to other providers, Link Interactive’s selection is comparable as many providers today are offering devices like smart locks, smart lights, smart thermostats, and indoor/outdoor cameras.


7 out of 10


  • No installation fee since you can install the system on your own

For installation, you won’t have to be concerned with setting up an appointment and paying a fee. Link Interactive’s security system is DIY, meaning you’ll be able to install it yourself. This is great if you’re looking to avoid an additional cost. Link Interactive also has installation guides on their website to make setting up your security system easier. Most DIY providers are similar in that they have installation guides or tutorials available.

Trial Period

8 out of 10


  • Typical 30-day trial period
  • 3-year equipment warranty

As with most providers, Link Interactive allows 30 days to try out their security system and make sure it’s a good fit for your needs. They also have a 3-year equipment warranty in case you have issues. Similarly, most providers have an equipment warranty that spans a period of time. Two warranty options that are a step above this option are unlimited and limited lifetime warranties, which typically provide coverage over the life of the provider’s service, which may be more attractive depending on the customers’ needs.

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