Link Interactive

Link Interactive allows customers to choose their own security equipment and create a package that fits their home’s protection needs.

Serving customers for over 60 years, Link Interactive offers customizable do-it-yourself home security solutions. The provider does not offer pre-made security system packages you can choose from – instead, you can choose from three monitoring plans: Standard, Gold, and Elite. When you begin the purchase process online, you’ll  be prompted to choose between two control panels: The 2Gig Go!Control Panel and the IQ Panel 2.


If you choose the 2Gig Go!Control Panel, there’s no additional cost, but the IQ Panel 2 will cost you an additional $200. One nice feature you’ll find with Link Interactive is that the provider offers flexible contracts. For service, you can choose between a 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year contract. The Link Interactive professional monitoring plans range from $30.99/mo – $44.99/mo. As another benefit with Link Interactive, you’ll also have a locked monitoring rate, meaning you’ll pay your same rate over the life of your contract.

Link Interactive security equipment

Our Take on Link Interactive

What we like

  • Locked monitoring rate for length of service

  • Cellular monitoring for all plans

  • Flexible contracts

What we don’t like

  • No professional installation option

  • Video monitoring only available with most expensive plan

  • Website isn’t user-friendly

Top 3 Link Interactive Features

Locked Monitoring Rates

Avoid any monthly payment surprises with Link Interactive’s locked monitoring rates.

Package Customization

Easily select the equipment you need and want for your home online. No upselling involved!

Flexible Contracts

Choose a contract length that works best for your budget. With Link Interactive, you don’t have to be locked into a long contract.

Link Interactive Security Plans

Standard Plan

Starting at $30.99/mo

Our take

Want just the basic features for protecting your home? The Link Interactive Standard Monitoring Plan will include the basic equipment you’ll need. Additionally, you’ll have a 4G LTE cellular monitoring connection, crash & smash alarm protection and home environmental monitoring with smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors. You can purchase the Link Interactive Standard Monitoring Plan for $30.99/mo.

Package Features

  • A control panel of your choice
  • Cellular monitoring connection
  • Home environmental monitoring

Gold Plan

Starting at $39.99/mo

Our take

Do you want access to smart home features? The Link Interactive Gold Monitoring Plan provides home automation control for smart lights, locks and thermostats – all manageable through the mobile app. This plan also includes all of the features found in the Standard Plan. You can purchase the Link Interactive Gold Monitoring Plan for $39.99/mo.

Package Features

  • Everything in the Standard Plan
  • Remote control access online or by mobile app
  • Access to smart home features

Elite Plan

Starting at $44.99/mo

Our take

If you want video surveillance capability for your home, choose the Link Interactive Elite Monitoring Plan. Choose from several security camera options to include indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, video doorbell cameras and additional devices. With this plan, you’ll also have access to analytics that differentiates between people, animals and objects that are recorded on camera. You can purchase the Link Interactive Elite Monitoring Plan for $44.99/mo.

Package Features

  • Everything in the Standard and Gold Plans
  • High definition video monitoring and analytics

Link Interactive Equipment and Features

One of the features that makes Link Interactive stand out against competitors is its selection of equipment. You’ll be able to truly build your own package online without being upsold to and can get the devices you need. Below are just some of the devices you’ll find in Link Interactive’s lineup.

Link Interactive Monitoring Plans and Cost

The Link Interactive plans above are the provider’s monitoring plans. You’ll pay the rate for the plan you choose over the lifetime of your contract. Your equipment cost, however, will depend on the devices you select and purchase.

Equipment starts at Upfront cost will vary Upfront cost will vary
Monitoring plans $30.99/mo. $39.99/mo.
24/7 Professional monitoring Yes Yes
Control panel 2 GIG Go!Control Panel included* 2 GIG Go!Control Panel included*
Home environmental monitoring Yes Yes
Two-way communication with monitoring station Yes Yes
Smart home capabilities No Yes
Mobile app control No Yes
Video surveillance capbility No No

Why We Recommend the Elite Plan

We recommend purchasing the Link Interactive Elite Monitoring Plan if you want access to video surveillance features. By purchasing a security camera with the provider and purchasing this plan, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your home and get intelligent activity notifications. Please note that if you purchase a security camera with Link Interactive, you will be required to Additionally, you’ll have access to remote management of any smart home devices purchased with the provider.

Link Interactive Installation

Link Interactive home security systems are designed for self-installation. If you’d prefer to save a little extra money, installing your own security system will allow you to avoid any installation and activation fees. It’s important to remember, however, that you’ll be responsible for proper setup and any tools that may be necessary to complete your installation.

Link Interactive Customer Service Information

If you need assistance with your existing Link Interactive service, you can reach customer service by:

  • Contacting a Link Interactive representative by phone at 1-(877)-826-5443
  • Speak with a Link Interactive representative by live chat
  • Email Link Interactive customer service at
  • Visit the Link Interactive support page

Link Interactive Frequently Asked Questions


Does Link Interactive have any packages I can choose from?

No, Link Interactive does not provide any premade packages you can purchase. You can put together a package with the devices you want and need online.

How much does Link Interactive cost?

Link Interactive equipment cost varies — this will be based on the devices you select online.

Will I have to sign a contract for Link Interactive’s services?

Yes, Link Interactive requires you to enter into a service agreement with them. You can choose between Link Interactive’s 1-year, 2-year or 3-year contracts.

Can a professional install my Link Interactive security system?

Link Interactive doesn’t offer professional installation as an option. The provider’s systems are designed to be self-installed, but if you have any questions, a Link Interactive specialist will assist you by email, chat or by phone.

How can I get help with installing my Link Interactive security system?

You can reach out to a support team member or check out Link Interactive’s online equipment guides.

Does Link Interactive have battery backup?

Yes, the The 2Gig Go!Control Panel and IQ Panel 2 have battery backup in case your power fails. The 2Gig Go!Control Panel has an 8-hour battery backup, while the IQ Panel 2 has 24-hour battery backup.

Does Link Interactive have a warranty?

Yes, all equipment provided by Link Interactive comes with a 3-year warranty.

What is Link Interactive’s return policy?

Link Interactive has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee if you’re unhappy with your system. For a full refund, you can reach out to the provider by phone, and they will pay for return shipping.


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