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LifeShield Home Security is known for its DIY home security solutions, low monthly monitoring costs and a variety of security packages, including custom options.
Updated Mar 27, 2020

LifeShield Home Security: Our Pick for Pricing

LifeShield Home Security is an ADT company that’s newer to the home security scene. Though the company has gone through a couple iterations since its inception in 2002, its main focus has always been to provide customers with home security coverage without costly hardware or monitoring fees. With LifeShield, you’ll find low cost security packages compared to other providers. Learn more about how the provider stacks up with our LifeShield review.


10 out of 10


  • Offers DIY home security system packages ranging in price from $199.15 - $346.34
  • Also offers the opportunity for you to build your own custom system

In terms of pricing, LifeShield Home Security has options to fit a variety of budgets. Their cheapest equipment package costs $199.15, providing you with the essentials for intrusion detection.They also give you more control over your equipment cost by allowing you to create your own equipment package if you don’t want to purchase a preset one.


In addition to their packages,  LifeShield Home Security also offers professional monitoring for any of their home security systems, starting at $24.98/mo. That fee also includes 30-day video storage.


It’s important to note that if you don’t purchase all of your equipment upfront, then you will have to enter into a contract with LifeShield. A LifeShield contract is 36 months, and this is required if you choose to lease the equipment. The length of LifeShield’s contract is typical and about what you can expect across some other providers in the industry. You’ll also still be responsible for your monthly monitoring cost.

Stand-out Features

10 out of 10


  • Control your system with the LifeShield base and mobile app
  • Stop frozen pipes with their temperature/flood sensors

Notably, all LifeShield Home Security packages come with access to the company’s free mobile app. It uses to keep you informed of what’s going on in your home through text alerts and push notifications, even if you decide not to sign up for their professional monitoring service. 


In addition, in terms of other features that you may not see at every home security company, they also offer temperature and flood sensors, which can help you stop damage from frozen pipes when the weather gets cold. LifeShield also has a duress code, that can be used if you have an intruder but don’t want to let him or her know that you’re alerting the authorities. You can set up a 4-digit duress code (which is separate from your master code) and enter it in if there’s an emergency. The monitoring center will alert the appropriate emergency service.


10 out of 10


  • Standard packages include smoke detectors, motion sensors and window/door sensors
  • Option to add on a video doorbell and/or smart cameras for an additional fee

Even LifeShield Home Security’s standard security packages are fairly comprehensive. Their starter package, the SHIELD system, comes with a fire safety sensor, four window and door sensors, keychain remote,  yard sign and window stickers. Their Secure System package includes additional window/door sensors, 2 motion sensors and an indoor camera. However, if you feel that you need more security, they also offer the option to build you own package, which gives you the freedom to add on as many additional equipment features as you wish.

Another unique feature you’ll find with LifeShield is the number of layers of protection the provider offers. LifeShield provides 4 layers of monitoring protection through high speed Internet, cellular connection, cellular text, and a landline connection. This works to ensure that your home is monitored around-the-clock in the event that one of these layers of protection are compromised. An example of this would be if you were to lose power, then a cellular connection would furnish a continuous link to the monitoring over cell towers. You can learn more about this unique LifeShield feature on the provider’s website.


7 out of 10


  • Completely DIY installation
  • You can generally expect installation to take 20-40 minutes

Rather than having a technician come to your home, LifeShield ships  the system components to your home, so you should be comfortable doing your own installation. According to a customer service rep for the company, this process generally takes between 20-40 minutes.

Since you do the install on your own equipment, LifeShield Home Security does not charge an installation fee in the same way that other home security companies might. They do, however, charge an activation fee, which will vary according to how many components are included in your system.   

Trial Period

6 out of 10


  • 7-day practice period
  • Must return equipment within 20 calendar days

In lieu of a trial period, LifeShield Home Security has what’s known as a “7-day practice period”. You can cancel your service at any time during those seven days after your system is installed or activated. To do so, you must call 1-888-723-8894 and request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Your equipment must  be returned to a warehouse in the original, unmarked packaging within 20 calendar days of your installation date, in order to receive a refund. You must also include your RMA number in your return.

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