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    LifeShield Home Security

    Easy set up, customizable plans, and smart home device compatibility makes Lifeshield Security one of the highest rated DIY home security system providers.

    What Sets LifeShield Apart?

    What Sets LifeShield Apart?

    LifeShield Security provides their services in all 50 states. Their internet-based security system provides professional monitoring, smart cameras, security sensors and more for customers looking for an intuitive self-install home security system, with professional installation available in select areas.

    One of LifeShield Security’s standout features is the variety of packages customers can choose from.  Protect your apartment, condo, home and everything in between with a solution that’s designed for you.  Customers can even customize a package with the “Build Your Own System,” the most popular LifeShield home security package.

    Customers can get a free online quote and there’s no contract to sign, which means you can cancel at anytime if necessary.  You can choose from four different home security packages, all with 24/7 contract-free professional monitoring. When you sign up, you automatically get one free month of professional monitoring. Monthly professional monitoring ranges from $19.99-$24.99.


    • Month-to-month contract
    • All packages include mobile app
    • Customizable package


    • Poor customer service
    • No smart home equipment
    • No professional installation

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    What home security equipment are you interested in?

    Motion Sensor, Door/window Sensors, Control Panel, Alarm

    Everything in Basic, Mobile App, Remote arm/disarm, Smart Home Automation, Smoke detector, Carbon monoxide detector, Flood & water detector

    Everything in Extra, Video camera (indoor/outdoor), Doorbell camera, Video Streaming, Video Record

    LifeShield Packages

    LifeShield Packages

      Build Your Own System

      Starting at $19.99/mo

      Our take

      The Build Your Own System is the most popular LifeShield home security system.  This package starts with the home security basics and allows you to hand pick sensors and smart cameras to create the perfect package for your home. If you don’t go beyond the package basics, the cost is $109.19. However, one of the key features of this package is the ability to add what you feel is necessary to protect your home. Sensors range from $8.99 to $29.99 and smart cameras range from $59.99 to $199.99. 

      Package Features

      • LifeShield base and entry keypad
      • Mobile app
      • Yard sign and window stickers

      SHIELD System

      Starting at $19.99/mo

      Our take

      The Shield System is ideal for small to medium-sized house, apartment or condo owners looking for a home security system with just the right amount of DIY security needed for the space.  The LifeShield base, entry keypad and sensors cover four main entry points and one large room.  You can purchase equipment for the Shield System for $199.15. 

      Package Features

      • LifeShield base, entry keypad and mobile app
      • 4 door and window sensors, motion sensor and fire safety sensor
      • Keychain remote, yard sign and window stickers

      SECURE System

      Starting at $24.99/mo

      Our take

      The Secure System allows you to secure all entry points of your medium to large-size home.  Stop intruders with 6 window and 2 motion sensors that detect movement and suspicious activity. The LifeShield base and mobile app allow you to control your home security system from home or away.  You can purchase the package for $295.12. 

      Package Features

      • LifeShield base, keypad and mobile app
      • Indoor camera, 6 window sensors, 2 motion sensors and a fire safety sensor
      • Keychain remote, yard and 4-pack window stickers
    LifeShield Equipment & Features

    LifeShield Equipment & Features

    LifeShield provides its base equipment as well as additional products for customers looking for a customized home security system. Some of their most popular products include:
    Starting equipment price $109.19 $199.15 $295.12
    Monthly professional monitoring cost $19.99 – $24.99 $19.99 $24.99
    Motion detection Optional Yes Yes
    Video surveillance Optional No Yes
    Smart home devices Add-on Add-on Add-on
    Frequently Asked Questions About LifeShield

    Frequently Asked Questions About LifeShield

    Does LifeShield Security require a contract?

    LifeShield does not require a contract. You pay for professional monitoring on a monthly basis. Monthly prices differ when you add video monitoring.

    Do I need tools to set up equipment?

    No tools are needed to set up LifeShield equipment. All equipment is pre-configured right out of the box, allowing you to set up your entire security system in about an hour.

    What is LifeShield Security’s return policy?

    Customers have a 30-day money back guarantee on services. Also, customers receive free professional monitoring for 30 days, but will be charged $24.98 per month after the 30-day trial period unless you cancel the service.

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