10 Ways to Keep Thieves Out of Your Garage

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Updated Feb 11, 2021
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Most homeowners put a lot of thought into how they’ll secure their homes against potential break-ins. But how much attention is paid to the garage? The garage may be a second thought when it comes to home security, but it shouldn’t be.

Not only do many people store valuable items in their garages, but attached garages make security measures all the more critical. After all, your garage is an entry point into your home. Statistics show that 9% of break-ins happen through the garage. It’s the fourth most common way for burglars to gain entry into your home.

If you want to secure your home from break-ins, it’s important to understand some of the best ways to keep thieves out of your garage. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself and your home at risk.

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How to Prevent Thieves From Entering Your Garage

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    Lock your doors.

    It might seem painfully obvious to suggest that you lock your doors, but it turns out that in one-third of home break-ins, burglars don’t have to force entry. They’re able to walk in through unlocked doors and windows.

    Since we know that the garage is one of the most common entry points for break-ins, locking your garage doors may cut down significantly on your chances of a burglary. Along with locking the exterior doors to your garage, be sure to lock the interior door that leads from your garage to your home. That way, on the off-chance that a thief makes his or her way into your garage, they can’t get into your home as well.

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    Keep your garage door closed.

    Thieves are attracted to open garage doors, especially when there’s no car or person in sight. If your garage is filled with high-value items such as bikes and yard equipment, burglars are likely to be drawn to it. If burglars can’t see what’s inside, though, they’re less likely to try and break in. Keep your garage door closed when possible — and don’t forget to close it when you leave your home.

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    Install motion-sensor and automatic lighting.

    A well-lit yard is one of the best deterrents to burglars. If you want to keep your home well-lit but don’t like leaving the lights on overnight, you might consider installing motion-sensor lights that activate when they spot a person in your yard.

    If someone is in the process of trying to break into your garage, a large spotlight shining on them is likely to scare them away. If you’re away from home, installing automatic lights that turn on at certain times can also be effective, as they give the impression that you’re home.

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    Upgrade old garage door locks.

    Many home and garage doors are secured with old, easy-to-open locks. Upgrading to anti-pick locks and adding deadbolts that are at least one-inch thick will help to deter burglars. If you add those features to your garage, the people who try to break your garage door lock are likely to give up and leave rather quickly.

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    Cover and secure garage windows.

    Having easily accessible windows on your garage gives thieves the opportunity to scope out your belongings and see whether or not it’s worth their trouble to break in.

    If you keep valuable items in your garage, be sure to install windows that have secure locks so that it’s not an entry point for criminals. Even better, you can cover your windows altogether so that burglars can’t peek in at all.

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    Use a home security system.

    Studies have shown that security alarms help reduce burglaries. While many people use a home security system to protect their house — it’s worth using one in your garage as well. The best type of alarm is one that alerts the burglar of its presence while also alerting an outside security service to the presence of trouble.

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    Install other security features.

    A garage security system isn’t the only feature that will scare away burglars. Other security devices, such as grates, bars, deadbolts and padlocks, can help deter thieves as well. In fact, studies have shown that if a burglar can spot two or more security devices in a home or garage, they are less likely to try to break in.

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    Change up your landscaping.

    Burglars often look for homes with dense shrubbery and trees, especially if it conceals doors and windows. This type of landscaping gives thieves safe cover as they break into your garage. Even a high wooden fence, which you may think you would keep people out, can actually attract burglars.

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    Install garage security cameras.

    Security cameras can be an effective way to deter thieves from entering your garage. Visible security cameras tell burglars that they’ll be caught if they proceed into your garage. If they break in anyway, the cameras will provide evidence to show to law enforcement to help them catch the perpetrator.

  • 10

    Upgrade and secure your garage door remote.

    Old and easily accessible garage door openers can make it easy for thieves to break into your garage. There are plenty of smart garage door openers on the market today that can provide more garage door security. Features include the ability to open and close your garage door remotely, as well as monitoring services to tell you when someone has opened the door.


No one wants to leave themselves vulnerable to break-ins. Not only do homeowners fear for their belongings, but they also have to worry about the safety of their families in case of a break-in.

One of the best ways to give yourself peace of mind is to implement security features that reduce the chances of someone entering your property while uninvited. By implementing some of these safety tips, you can help secure your garage and keep your home and family safe.

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