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Operating since early 2019, Kangaroo Home Security is among the newest players in the home security field. This fledgling provider offers low prices and simple systems.
Updated Feb 11, 2021

What Sets Kangaroo Home Security Apart?

Kangaroo Home Security is one of the newest companies in the business. As such, it’s keeping it simple — at least for now. So far, the company has generated a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau. Kangaroo’s biggest selling points are simplicity and affordability. Equipment is inexpensive and easy to install, and there are only two plans: free and complete. The complete plan is nowhere near as comprehensive as those from other, more established companies, but it’s also much more affordable. In fact, it’s one of the least expensive plans available anywhere. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy system with a low commitment, Kangaroo Home Security might be right for you.

What we like

  • No long-term contract
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • No hub required

What we don’t like

  • No home automation
  • Limited equipment options
  • No established reputation

Kangaroo Home Security Plans

Kangaroo Security makes your choices straightforward and simple. Purchase equipment either in one of the packages or a la carte, set up and go. If you don’t want professional monitoring and don’t mind a limited set of features, using Kangaroo’s Wi-Fi-based equipment is free. To add professional monitoring and other features you might expect with a home security system, you’ll pay $99 per year, or $10 per month.
  • Basic Plan

    Starting at

    - or -

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    Our Take

    Kangaroo’s Basic home security plan is free. Simply buy equipment from Kangaroo, pair it with your phone via its proprietary app, and go. With this plan, you’re on your own to monitor your system, and features are limited, but you can use an unlimited number of devices and add an unlimited number of users.

    Package Features

    • Unlimited devices and users
    • App notifications
    • One-tap arming and disarming
    • Motion-triggered alerts
    • Watch live video 24/7
  • Complete Plan

    Starting at

    - or -

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    Our Take

    Kangaroo Home Security has one professional monitoring package which still allows you to self-monitor, but adds a host of features including 24/7 professional monitoring, two-way talk, Alexa and Google Assistant integration, and 30 days of cloud storage for your video recordings. At $99 per year or $10 per month, Kangaroo’s only professional monitoring package is one of the cheapest in the business.

    Package Features

    • Everything in the Basic Plan
    • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
    • Text and voice notifications
    • Alexa and Google Assistant Integration
    • "Kangaroo coverage" warranty
    • 30-day cloud storage

Kangaroo Home Security Features and Equipment

Kangaroo offers a slim line of equipment with just two camera options, three types of sensors and two accessories. Their cameras include a doorbell camera with chime and a privacy camera. Sensors include a Kangaroo motion sensor, an entry sensor and a water-plus climate sensor. Accessories are limited to a keypad and siren (which is totally optional) and “roo tags,” which allow arming and disarming at the touch of a button.

  • Motion/Entry Sensors: Entry sensors are bundled with Kangaroo motion sensors, or you can purchase motion sensors separately. Kangaroo sensors notify you via the app if they detect motion or the opening of a door or window and can be switched into just motion or just door/window to help prevent false alarms.
  • Doorbell Camera + Chime: Kangaroo packages its doorbell camera with a chime and both connect to your phone, where you’ll get motion and ring alerts along with photo-motion recordings of activity.
  • Siren + Keypad: The Kangaroo keypad/siren gives you the option to have an audible alarm trigger when there’s a breach. The unit also listens for smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms (up to you to provide separately) and notifies your phone if it hears one.
  • Roo Tags: Included with the siren/keypad and available separately, roo tags allow one-touch arming and disarming of your system, which is especially convenient for guests. Rather than give a guest your code, you can simply provide them with a roo tag while they’re staying with you.

Top 3 Kangaroo Home Security Features

  • No Contract

    If you’re not interested in committing, you can opt to go month-to-month with Kangaroo, and it won’t cost you much more than a yearly plan.

  • Low Price

    Kangaroo Security’s price for professional monitoring and other features is one of the lowest in the business at $99 per year, or $10 a month. You can even self-monitor for free. Equipment is affordable too, with cameras starting at $19.99, sensors at $14.99, and equipment packages as low as $79.00.

  • Simple Installation

    Kangaroo’s equipment is simple to install. With peel-and-stick anchoring and a simple process to pair equipment to your phone, there’s no wiring and no central hub. The system works with Wi-Fi, so there’s nothing else you need to do to connect.

Compare Kangaroo Home Security Plans

Basic Plan

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Complete Plan

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Starting price
Free$99/yr. or $10/mo.
24/7 Professional Monitoring
App Notifications
1-Tap Arming/Disarming
Motion-Triggered Alerts
Watch Live 24/7 Recordings
Cloud Storage
24 hours30 days
Text/Voice Notifications
Alexa/Google Assistant
Kangaroo Coverage
Multi-Location Function*
Activity History*
Trends and Insights*
Two-Way Talk
End-to-End Motion Capture*
* These features are set to roll out sometime in summer 2020, according to Kangaroo’s website.

Kangaroo Home Security Monitoring Monthly Costs

True to form, Kangaroo keeps it simple with its package pricing. The company offers two plans: the free Basic Plan, and the $99-per-year Complete Plan. That’s $8.25 per month if you lock in for a year, or if you prefer to stay month-to-month you’ll pay $10 per month.

Kangaroo Home Security Installation

Kangaroo security equipment is designed to be easy to install yourself. Just pair with your phone, peel and stick to place, and go. Systems work on Wi-Fi and have no central hub or wiring. Since the system is designed to be simple, Kangaroo doesn’t offer professional installation services.

Kangaroo Home Security Mobile App

Kangaroo’s mobile app is the central piece of its service. All equipment is paired with your phone and connects to the cloud via Wi-Fi, so you’ll get notifications directly on your phone if your sensors or camera detect anything. Plus you can watch your video feed directly on your phone from anywhere, 24/7. If you’re a paying customer, you’ll get added features such as two-way talk with monitoring agents, longer video storage, text and voice call notifications.

Kangaroo Home Security Warranties and Guarantees

Kangaroo’s Complete Plan comes with “Kangaroo Coverage,” which covers losses that Kangaroo’s system could have helped prevent. Losses covered are up to $1,000 per year with a maximum of $250 per claim (so 4 claims per year at $250 maximum each.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kangaroo Home Security

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