Safe Sound Family has had the pleasure of being introduced to an interview conducted by Mobistealth with Dr. Justin W. Patchin. As parents, grandparents, guardians, etc. we all want to keep our children safe and happy has they grow and develop into adults. School age years are essential to the brains development and adjustment into adulthood.

In today’s society, cyber bullying is becoming more of an issue as social media expands into the lives of younger generations. The interview discusses the similarities and differences between physical and cyber bullying. As cyber bullying is still a fairly new concept; Justin says, “Educators need to be more educated about the problem so that they can respond to it more effectively.”

Cyberbullying is a significant problem that can be stopped in its tracks if the right kind of actions are taken at the right time. It is a form of violence where the perpetrator doesn’t realize the magnitude of the damage they’re doing, and the victim has troubling finding their voice to speak against it. Cyberbullying can cause a plethora of problems for young adolescents, however, it is not something that cannot be contained and dealt with says Mobisthealth.  To view the entire interview and to learn more about Dr. Patchin’s views visit their website here:

And here’s the audio too!

Source: Mobistealth