IdentityForce vs. IdentityIQ

Compare IdentityForce and IdentityIQ to see which identity theft protection service is best for you and your family.
Updated Jul 6, 2020
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IdentityForce and IdentityIQ are two of the top identity theft protection services to choose from to protect your personal identity. IdentityForce is known for affordable ID theft monitoring and some of the top security features today. They offer two-factor authentication, social media identity monitoring and mobile app control.

IdentityIQ offers a number of plans to protect your credit, accounts and other personal information. Their leading services include lost wallet assistance, Dark Web monitoring and child identity protection for your little ones. Here’s a closer look at the big differences between the two providers.

Compare IdentityForce vs. IdentityIQ

  • Price

    Winner: IdentityIQ

    When it comes to price, IdentityForce’s basic plan starts at $17.95/mo., while IdentityIQ starts at $9.99/mo. for personal ID theft protection. IdentityForce also offers a basic plan for families for $24.90/mo. The higher-tier Ultra-Secure + Credit for individuals starts for $19.99/mo. and $35.90/mo. for families. But IdentityIQ’s middle and higher tier plans are slightly cheaper than IdentityForce. IdentityIQ’s Secure Pro costs $19.99/mo. and the Secure Max is $29.99/mo. IdentityIQ wins this round because they offer cheaper rates and more plans to choose from for your family without extra costs.

  • Family Monitoring

    Tie: IdentityForce and IdentityIQ

    IdentityIQ offers ID theft protection for your family at no additional cost. However, IdentityForce lets you add an adult to your plan for the same price as your plan. Your partner will get the same features as you for the cost. You can also add child identity protection for $2.75/mo. per child to any plan. Since both providers offer plans to accommodate your spouse and kids with all of their best services, this round is a tie.

  • Online Safety Features

    Winner: IdentityForce

    Both providers offer services to keep you safe online — whether shopping, working or making payments. They both offer Dark Web monitoring and mobile app control with alerts, but there are some key differences. IdentityForce prides itself on two-factor authentication for better data security. They also offer social media monitoring, personal computer and protection tools to protect you when browsing online and the devices you use. IdentityIQ offers a junk mail opt-out service and Internet monitoring. IdentityForce simply offers more online protection, making it the better choice for online safety.

  • Trial Period

    Winner: IdentityForce

    Fortunately, both providers offer trial periods to test out their best services including credit monitoring, lost wallet insurance and family monitoring. IdentityIQ offers a 7-day trial period for only $1 to try its services risk-free. IdentityForce offers a 30-day discounted or free trial. Since IdentityForce offers a longer trial period, they win this round.

  • Credit Monitoring Services

    Tie: IdentityForce and IdentityIQ

    Both IdentityIQ and IdentityForce offer credit monitoring services to keep an eye on your score, reports and any changes. IdentityIQ has a credit score tracker, simulator, and score change alerts. You’ll also get tri-bureau credit report monitoring. IdentityForce offers tri-bureau monitoring, scores and reports. They also offer a credit score tracker and simulator. Given the lack of significant differences between the two providers, this round is a tie.

  • Theft Recovery Insurance

    Winner: IdentityForce

    If you become a victim of identity theft, both companies offer ID theft recovery insurance to cover any recovery costs including experts, attorneys and other expenses to get your identity back in a safe place. IdentityForce offers up to $1 million in ID theft insurance with both its individual and family plans. IdentityIQ offers $25,000 in identity theft, which makes IdentityForce the winner of this round because they offer significantly more.

Final Winner: IdentityForce

Both providers have all-around great identity theft protection services to help keep you and your family safe. IdentityForce and IdentityIQ offer affordable protection and an extensive list of services. But when comparing the two, IdentityForce is the better option. They offer more online services, a longer trial period and credit monitoring services. They also offer theft recovery insurance than IdentityIQ as a just-in-case for you and your family.


Starting cost
$17.99/mo. $9.99/mo.
SSN alerts
Yes Yes
Dark Web monitoring
Yes Yes
Tri-bureau monitoring
Yes Yes
Tri-bureau credit reports
Yes No
Credit score tracker
Yes Yes
Credit score simulator
Yes Yes
Lost wallet assistance
Yes Yes
Social media monitoring
Yes No
Change of address monitoring
Yes Yes
Bank account alerts
Yes Yes
Court record monitoring
Yes No
Medical ID fraud protection
Yes No
Identity theft protection
$1 million $25,000

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