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IdentityForce vs. Identity Guard

Can’t decide which identity theft protection service is better for you? Check out our head-to-head comparison of IdentityForce and Identity Guard.

Owned by Sontiq, IdentityForce offers both individual and family identity theft solutions. From dark web monitoring to tracking and simulating your credit score, there are a number of features you’ll find with this provider. Identity Guard’s unique offering is its artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring with IBM Watson. Watson’s technology monitors your confidential information for potential threats, and you’ll receive alerts if anything suspicious is found. We delve into more details on both ID theft protection providers in our comparison below.

Our Review of IdentityForce and IdentityGuard

Our Review of IdentityForce and IdentityGuard

Credit Score Tracker & Simulator

Winner: IdentityForce

Not very many ID theft providers have credit score trackers and simulators that allow you to keep close tabs on your score, but IdentityForce is one of those providers. With the tracker, you’ll be able to see how your credit score adjusts each month, and the simulator will let you see how your financial choices impact your credit score. IdentityGuard doesn’t provide access to a tracker or simulator with their services.

Artificial Intelligence

Winner: IdentityGuard

Identity Guard uses artificial intelligence (AI) through IBM Watson for monitoring your confidential information. This is unique to Identity Guard — IdentityForce doesn’t mention use of AI for monitoring. Watson constantly scans and scrubs information to detect potential risks. If a risk is detected, an alert will be sent through Identity Guard’s mobile app, and you’ll receive an email.


Winnder: IdentityForce

IdentityForce has a slight edge when it comes to pricing. Although their starting cost ($9.99/mo.) is a dollar higher than Identity Guard’s starting cost ($8.99/mo.), you’ll get more for less in their upper tier plan UltraSecure + Credit. IdentityForce’s UltraSecure + Credit plan includes features like medical ID fraud protection, junk mail opt-out, and a credit score simulator.

Customer Service

Tie: IdentityForce and Identity Guard

IdentityForce and Identity Guard have great customer service ratings across review sites like TrustPilot and Consumer Affairs. Both brands have approximately 4.0 ratings on TrustPilot and Consumer Affairs. Customers comment on how they trust IdentityForce and how the company has responded to threats involving their information. Customers mention peace of mind and commend the customer service they’ve received with Identity Guard.

ID Theft Insurance

Tie: IdentityForce and Identity Guard

With IdentityForce and IdentityGuard, you’ll get up to $1 million in identity theft insurance for covering costs related to the identity restoration process, lost wages, and unauthorized electronic fund transfers (terms and conditions may apply). The starter plans for both companies provide this protection.

Lost Wallet Protection

Tie: IdentityForce and Identity Guard

Lost wallet protection is also available with both brands’ services. IdentityForce promises to help you with canceling and replacing your credit and debit cards. Identity Guard promises to assist with cancelling your credit cards, checking your credit report, and providing up to $2,000 in emergency funds.

Summary: IdentityForce vs. Identity Guard

Our Top Pick: IdentityForce

While IdentityForce and Identity Guard share many of the same services, we believe IdentityForce has a slight edge with their offerings and prices. You can get access to tri-bureau credit monitoring, reporting, a credit score tracker and simulator for just $19.99/mo. You’ll have to pay more with IdentityGuard to access tri-bureau reporting and other services like a social media insight report and safe browsing extension. If you’re looking for more comprehensive services for less, we’d recommend IdentityForce.

Identity Guard

Learn more about
Starting monthly fee
Internet/Dark web monitoring
Credit monitoring
SSN monitoring
Tri-bureau credit monitoring
Bank account monitoring
ID theft monitoring
Trial period
Depends on the subscription
BBB rating
Unique feature
Artificial Intelligence monitoring with IBM Watson
Frequently Asked Questions About IdentityForce and Identity Guard

Frequently Asked Questions About IdentityForce and Identity Guard

What plans does IdentityForce offer?

IdentityForce offers individual and family protection plans. Here’s a list of each below:


Individual Plans:

  • UltraSecure Individual – $9.99/mo.
  • UItraSecure + Credit for Individuals – $19.99/mo.


Family Plans:

  • UltraSecure Family – $24.90/mo.
  • UltraSecure + Credit for Families – $35.90/mo.

We provide more details on IdentityForce’s plans in our overview.

What plans does IdentityGuard offer?

Identity Guard offers individual and family protection plans. Here’s a list of each below:


Individual Plans:

  • Value – $8.99/mo.
  • Total – $19.99/mo.
  • Ultra – $29.99/mo.


Family Plans:

  • Value for Families – $14.99/mo. 
  • Total for Families – $29.99/mo.
  • Ultra for Families – $39.99/mo.


We provide more details on Identity Guard plans in our overview.

Does IdentityForce have a trial period?

Yes, IdentityForce provides a 30-day free trial if you sign up for the UltraSecure Plan.

Does IdentityGuard have a trial period?

IdentityGuard provides two months of service for free if you sign up for an annual subscription.


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