IdentityForce vs. EverSafe

Compare IdentityForce and EverSafe to find the best identity theft protection service for your family.
Updated Apr 15, 2021
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IdentityForce vs. EverSafe: How They Compare

IdentityForce is a well-known provider in the digital security space with two plans to protect both business and personal data. That protection includes monitoring technology, early mobile alerts and anytime access to review your accounts and credit score. EverSafe will closely analyze your financial transactions to create your personal profile and alert you of any suspicious activity. If your data is in danger, EverSafe will help you with a recovery plan to retrieve any lost money and retrieve your personal information.

  • Price

    Winner: IdentityForce

    For price and value, IdentityForce comes out ahead. Although IdentityForce's starter plan ($9.99 per month) costs a little more than EverSafe's starter plan ($7.49 per month), the value you'll find with IdentityForce is much greater. For almost $10 per month, you'll get dark web monitoring, bank account monitoring, lost wallet assistance, and much more features than you'll find with EverSafe's starter plan.

  • Online Safety Services

    Winner: IdentityForce

    IdentityForce has a few services to keep you safe online including junk mail opt, Dark Web monitoring and social media identity monitoring and two-factor authentication to use two different forms of logging in to keep your account secure. IdentityForce also offers online PC protection tools to keep you safe while shopping or working online. EverSafe only offers Dark Web scanning, making IdentityForce the best choice if you’d like to include online safety and security features.

  • Family Monitoring

    Tie: IdentityForce and EverSafe

    Both IdentityForce and EverSafe provide monitoring for families. With IdentityForce, you'll find family plans that cover two adults and unlimited children under the age of 26 at no additional cost. IdentityForce's UltraSecure Family Plan costs $24.90 per month or $249 per year. With EverSafe, you can get a 30% discount for adding on a family member, whether you choose their Essentials, Plus, or Gold plan. Since both brands offer protection for family members, it's a tie for this category.

  • Trial Period

    Tie: IdentityForce and EverSafe

    You won't have an issue with either provider as far as time to test out your monitoring plan. Both EverSafe and IdentityForce have trial periods. EverSafe provides a 30-day trial period to try their monitoring services risk-free before selecting a plan. IdentityForce offers a 30-day discounted or free trial. Both providers tie for this category.

  • Credit Monitoring Services

    Tie: IdentityForce and EverSafe

    Credit monitoring services are available with both IdentityForce and EverSafe. You can get monitoring for a single credit bureau or all three major credit bureaus. Important to note, IdentityForce and EverSafe each have their own unique features as far as credit monitoring. If you'd like to be able to track your credit score and see how certain purchases may be able to affect it, IdentityForce will be better for you. If you'd like quarterly credit reporting and scores, then EverSafe is better for you.

  • Theft Recovery Insurance

    Tie: IdentityForce and EverSafe

    If your identity is compromised, EverSafe and IdentityForce both offer up to $1 million in identity theft recovery insurance as included in their plans to cover attorneys and other expenses to recover your personal data.

    Both services offer fully-managed restoration services to help you every step of the way during the recovery process.

Overall Winner: IdentityForce

While both identity theft protection companies have great features for consumers and families, we believe that IdentityForce packs in more value with their plans and monitoring services, like social media monitoring, sex offender monitoring, online protection tools, and much more. EverSafe has a lot of great features to offer as well, yet their plans are not as comprehensive. For this reason, we believe that IdentityForce should take the win for this comparison.
Winner: IdentityForce


Starting cost
SSN alerts
Dark Web monitoring
Tri-bureau monitoring
Tri-bureau credit reports
Credit score tracker
Credit score simulator
Bank account alerts
Social media monitoring
Investment protection
Title changes
Identity theft protection
$1 million$1 million

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