PrivacyGuard provides credit reporting, monitoring, and identity theft protection services to help you stay on top of your credit and keep you safe. Read our PrivacyGuard review to learn what makes it unique as a credit- and identity-monitoring service.
Updated Apr 28, 2021

What Sets PrivacyGuard Apart?

PrivacyGuard, an Affinion Group company, offers monthly subscriptions for comprehensive credit scores, reporting and monitoring, as well as identity-theft protection services. Customers have the option of Identity Protection, Credit Protection or a Total Protection plan that includes both.

When comparing credit and identity-theft monitoring services, many people wonder whether they should do their own self-monitoring or invest in a professional service instead. With PrivacyGuard, there are a number of benefits beyond saving time and money savings. The major perks include up to $1 million in ID-theft insurance coverage, professional recovery services in case of fraudulent activity, an annual public records report and several educational tools and calculators to help you improve your credit and manage debt. Privacy Guard gives you a 14-day trial period for $1, so you can determine if the service adds the protection and value you need before you commit.


  • VantageScore provided
  • Triple bureau credit monitoring
  • Options for credit monitoring, ID-theft monitoring, or both


  • No family plans
  • Children’s Social Security monitoring only in highest-tiered plan
  • Some basic credit monitoring services available for free elsewhere

Top 3 PrivacyGuard Features

  • Tri-Bureau Credit Monitoring

    Get daily monitoring for your credit report across the top three bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion

  • $1 Million in ID Theft Insurance

    If your identity has been stolen, PrivacyGuard will cover up to $1 million in expenses associated with the credit recovery process

  • Social Security Monitoring for Children

    On its top-tier plan, PrivacyGuard will monitor for any fraudulent use of your child’s Social Security number and notify you in the event of an emergency.

PrivacyGuard Plans

  • Identity Protection

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Identity Protection is a good baseline PrivacyGuard credit service to prevent fraudulent use of your identity. It scans underground and black market websites for your Social Security number, public records, bank accounts, credit and debit cards. This plan also comes with a $1 million ID Theft insurance policy in case you fall victim to identity theft.

    Package Features

    • ID fraud recovery support
    • ID verification monitoring
    • Lost & stolen wallet assistance
    • Monitoring all aspects of your identity
  • Credit Protection

    Starting at

    Our Take

    This package includes daily PrivacyGuard credit monitoring to alert you of changes to your credit reports, along with monthly credit score tracking. Educational features include a credit score simulator to see how your financial behavior might affect your scores, and a calculator to estimate debt payoff and loan consolidation savings.

    Package Features

    • Triple-bureau credit reports and scores
    • Credit information hotline
    • ID fraud resolution support
    • Credit score simulator and financial calculator
  • Total Protection

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Total Protection gives you the best of both worlds in one package that monitors your credit and helps protect your identity. All the features Privacy Guard offers are included in this package to help you build, maintain and protect your financial life.

    Package Features

    • Everything in the other plans, plus:
    • Reduce pre-approved credit offers
    • Child Social Security monitoring
    • Neighborhood reports and registered offender locator

Compare PrivacyGuard Plans

Identity Protection

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Credit Protection

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Total Protection

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Starting price
$9.99/mo. $19.99/mo.$24.99/mo.
Triple Bureau Credit Reports
24/7 Credit Monitoring
Monthly Credit Score Tracking
Score Simulator & FInancial Calculators
Credit Info Hotline
ID Fraud Recovery Support
ID Verification Monitoring
Black Market Surveillance
SSN Event Tracking
Online Directory Scan
Public Record Monitoring & Report
Online Fraud Assistance
Lost & Stolen Wallet Protection
$1 Million ID Theft Insurance

PrivacyGuard Credit Report Monitoring

In the event your identity is stolen, there’s a high possibility a thief will wreck your credit by opening new accounts, changing your address, and trying a variety of other fraudulent schemes. But with PrivacyGuard’s Credit Protection Plan and Total Protection Plan, your credit score will be monitored on a daily basis across the top three bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. You’ll also get monthly score reporting.

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PrivacyGuard Identity Theft Recovery

If your identity is compromised, PrivacyGuard guides you through the recovery process with a team of dedicated professionals. The company will help you with contacting your creditors, completing paperwork, and making the credit dispute process as easy as possible. Fraud resolution is available for all three of PrivacyGuard’s plans: Identity Protection, Credit Protection, and Total Protection, but it is more comprehensive in the Identity or Total Protection Plans.

PrivacyGuard Warranties & Guarantees

PrivacyGuard does not offer customers any warranties or guarantees at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions About PrivacyGuard

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