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Updated Jul 8, 2020

myFICO is a division of FICO® designed for consumers who want to get better access to their FICO® Score — the credit score over 90% of top lenders look at. It offers three different identity theft protection plans and provides family monitoring options. Checking on your FICO® Score from all three credit bureaus, it’s a flexible identity and credit monitoring provider that provides reliable information.

What Sets myFICO Apart?

myFICO offers a deluxe range of identity monitoring and restoration services, as well as accurate credit monitoring. You get the best monitoring of your FICO® Score since myFICO is a service from the same company. myFICO gives you access to heaps of information in one place, and it protects your data with bank-grade encryption. While the starter plan doesn’t offer identity monitoring, all three of myFICO’s monthly plans include 24/7 identity restoration services, which makes this provider really stand out.


  • 24/7 identity restoration services included in each plan
  • Up to $1 million in identity theft insurance regardless of your plan
  • Features FICO® Score Simulator tool


  • Pricing is not competitive
  • FICO® Score only updates monthly or quarterly depending on your plan
  • Starter plan doesn't offer identity monitoring
  • Basic Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    All three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) report their own FICO scores, but with the myFICO Basic Plan you’ll only get information about your Experian FICO® Score. Considering the price, and the fact that your score is only updated monthly, you’re not getting a great value in terms of credit monitoring. Unfortunately, this plan doesn’t include identity theft monitoring.

    Package Features

    • 24/7 identity restoration
    • $1 million identity theft insurance
    • Score and credit monitoring, including scores for mortgages and auto loans
  • Advanced Package

    Starting at
    $29.95 /mo

    Our Take

    Unlike the Basic Plan, the Advanced Plan gives you access to your FICO® Score reported by all three credit bureaus, and it provides identity monitoring. Unfortunately, however, you only get your updated score every three months, which means they may not remain accurate. Despite this letdown, you get excellent identity monitoring with this plan.

    Package Features

    • Detailed FICO® Score analysis of what's impacting your credit score
    • Dark web surveillance to check for your information being exchanged on websites, chat rooms and in other databases
    • Get up to 28 versions of your FICO score so you can check scores for specific loans such as mortgages or car loans
  • Premier Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    The Premier Plan offers everything in the Advanced Plan, except you get the benefit of having your credit scores from all three credit bureaus updated monthly instead of quarterly. It may not be worth paying an additional $10/mo. for you. However, considering you get identity monitoring and can view your credit report from all three bureaus all at one bundled price, it’s still not a bad value.

    Package Features

    • Get your fully detailed credit report with updated score from all three credit bureaus each month
    • All the identity monitoring and fraud resolution support from the Advanced Plan

Our Recommend Plan: The Premier Plan

To get the best value for your money we recommend the Premier Plan. You’ll have credit scores from all three bureaus quarterly. You’ll also have all of myFICO’s identity monitoring and fraud resolution support features including 28 versions of your FICO score to check scores for cars, mortgages and loans. 

Top myFICO Features

  • Versatile Credit Scores

    Scores for mortgages, auto loans and more are included in each plan, making it easy to see how you stack up for whatever type of loan you’re looking for.

  • Dark Web Surveillance

    myFICO scans thousands of websites for any suspicious activity involving your personal information.

  • Robust Identity Restoration

    All myFICO packages include 24×7 identity restoration and up to $1 million identity theft insurance.

Compare myFICO Packages

Basic Package

Learn more

Advanced Package

Learn more

Premier Package

Learn more
Monitoring starts at
$19.95/mo. $29.95/mo. $39.95/mo.
FICO scores
Yes Yes Yes
Credit reports with score and credit monitoring
Experian 3-Bureau, Quarterly3-Bureau, Monthly
Identity theft insurance
$1 million $1 million $1 million
24/7 fraud resolution assistance
Yes Yes Yes
Identity monitoring
No Yes Yes
Dark web surveillance
No Yes Yes

myFICO Monitoring Monthly Costs

myFICO’s monthly rates start at $19.95 per month and go up to $49.95 per month. If you want to cover more than one adult or include your children on your plan, you have no choice but to go with the $49.95 per month plan. There’s a $29.95 per month plan that we consider packs the most value because, unlike the starter plan, it includes identity monitoring. 

myFICO Credit Report Monitoring

All myFICO plans include at least Experian credit reports. However, the top two plans have full three-bureau monitoring, and the Premier plan includes monthly reports from all three. If credit report monitoring is important to you, we recommend this plan.

myFICO Identity Theft Recovery

All myFICO plans include identity theft recovery and fraud resolution services you can access around the clock. They have lost wallet assistance for canceling all cards at once, and provide up to $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage.

myFICO Family Monitoring

If you want your whole family covered by all the benefits of the Advanced Plan, you can upgrade to the Family Advanced Plan for $49.95 per month. It’s available for those who already have an existing myFICO subscription and covers up to 2 adults and 10 children.

myFICO Mobile App

The myFICO mobile app is available on Google Play and on the Apple Store. The app puts all the information you need to see in one place and includes most of the features available on the website.

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