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Providing several plans to fit your personal security needs and budget, IdentityIQ offers credit bureau report monitoring, dark web monitoring, and insurance to help you safeguard your personal information.

What Sets IdentityIQ Apart

What Sets IdentityIQ Apart

Founded in 2010, IdentityIQ seeks to help individuals protect their personal information through a variety of identity theft solutions. With a variety of plans to choose from, IdentityIQ offers theft protection solutions at affordable price-points, no matter if you just want the basics or if you want to safeguard your children. Offering up to $1 million in coverage and credit monitoring for the lowest tiered plan, you can feel more assured that protocols are in place and a safety net exists in the event your identity is ever stolen. They will also work with you to recover and restore lost or stolen data and put your digital identity back together. Learn more about the plans and features offered through IdentityIQ.


  • Tri-bureau credit monitoring
  • Protection for family members
  • Up to $1 million in coverage


  • Social media monitoring not available
  • No trial-period for online registration
IdentityIQ Plans

IdentityIQ Plans

    Secure Plus

    Starting at $8.99/mo

    Our take

    If you want annual tri-bureau credit monitoring in addition to the basics, then we would recommend the Secure Plus Plan. You’ll still have all of the great benefits of social security number notifications, check account alerts, and more, but tri-bureau credit monitoring allows you to see your credit score reports from all three top bureaus so you can have a well-rounded view of your credit activity. The Secure Plus Plan costs $8.99/mo.

    Package Features

    • Annual tri-bureau credit reports & scores
    • Single bureau credit report monitoring
    • Dark web monitoring
    • File sharing network searches
    • Up to $1 million ID theft insurance
    • Coverage for lawyers and personal expense compensation
    • SSN alerts
    • Lost wallet assistance
    • Checking account report
    • Change of address monitoring
    • Junk mail/email list opt-out monitoring
    • Synthetic ID theft monitoring
    • U.S.-based ID restoration assistance

    Secure Pro

    Starting at $17.99/mo

    Our take

    The Secure Pro Plan includes all of the features found in the Secure Plus Plan but includes additional perks like bi-annual reporting from the top 3 credit bureaus, enhanced credit report monitoring (which essentially provides notifications whenever someone is added to any of your credit cards and more details), and credit score change alerts. With Secure Pro, IDIQ stays on top of all your credit activity so you don’t have to. The Secure Pro Plan costs $17.99/mo.

    Package Features

    • Everything in the Secure Plus Plan
    • Bi-annual tri-bureau credit reports & scores
    • Enhanced credit report monitoring
    • Notifications for crime committed in your name
    • Credit score change alerts

    Secure Max

    Starting at $26.99/mo

    Our take

    As the premier plan, Secure Max allows you to get monthly reports from the top 3 credit bureaus, gives you the ability to monitor your credit score with a tracker, and child coverage with $25,000 in insurance. This plan is best if you have a child under 25 years of age that you want to protect. Synthetic ID theft often occurs with children, and this type of fraud involves combining factual and false information to create a new identity. We’d recommend this plan if you want to have more control and monitoring avenues with your credit and personal information. The Secure Max plan starts at $26.99/mo.

    Package Features

    • Everything in the Secure Pro Plan
    • Monthly tri-bureau credit reports & scores
    • Credit score tracker
    • Access to a credit score simulator
    • Family protection (up to $25,000 in ID theft insurance and fraud recovery)
    • Fraud recovery with a limited power of attorney
Compare IdentityIQ Plans

Compare IdentityIQ Plans

Starting price $8.99/mo. $17.99/mo. $26.99/mo.
Dark web monitoring Yes Yes Yes
SSN alerts Yes Yes Yes
Up to $1 million ID theft insurance Yes Yes Yes
Tri-bureau credit monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Credit score tracker No No Yes
Family protection No No Yes
Frequently Asked Questions About IdentityIQ

Frequently Asked Questions About IdentityIQ

How does IdentityIQ work?

For IdentityIQ’s services, you can easily sign up online for membership, and IdentityIQ will begin monitoring your personal information. If and in the event that any changes are made to your personal information, you will be notified. Identitity IQ experts will also step you through the recovery process. All you’ll be responsible for paying is your monthly monitoring fee.

How does IdentityIQ compare to similar ID theft protection services?

Compared to other ID theft protection services, IdentityIQ offers bureau credit reporting even in the lowest tier plan. You’ll also find insurance coverage up to $1 million in the lowest tier plan and identity recovery assistance. Some other ID theft protection services do not include these features in their basic plans. Conversely, IdentityIQ does not offer family protection plans, social media account monitoring, or a trial period if you sign up online. The only way you’d be able to access their $1 seven-day trial is through a third party link.

How do IdentityIQ’s prices compare to other ID theft protection services?

IdentityIQ’s prices are competitive and reasonable compared to other ID theft protection services. With its most basic plan, the Secure Plan ($6.99/mo.), it’s price is low compared to the starting price for monitoring with most ID theft protection services.


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