Identity Protect Review |

Identity Protect Review

Identity Protect offers comprehensive identity protection services for individuals, families and businesses. With advice on fraud, credit bureau monitoring and PC protection tools, Identity Protect can help ensure you’re fully protected.

Security breaches on personal data are a growing concern. So much of our personal information can be accessed online, including passwords, Social Security numbers and other personal details. The good news is that protecting your data and identity can be done with a few simple steps. While being careful with your data and using a password manager is a good start, using an identity protection company can give you more peace of mind. 

Identity Protect offers comprehensive identity protection services. Read our Identity Protect review to see how this provider covers individuals and businesses in several areas.

Plan Basic Protection Ultimate Protection
Price $12.95/mo. $19.95/mo.
Fraud monitoring Yes Yes
SSN and credit monitoring Yes Yes
3-bureau credit monitoring No Yes
Credit Score tracker No Yes
3 credit reports No Yes
Identity theft insurance $100,000 $1 million
Fully managed restoration Yes Yes

    Basic Protection

    Starting at $12.95/mo

    Our take

    Identity Protect’s basic package offers one-bureau credit monitoring and internet monitoring so you can stay safe online. Should you become a victim of identity theft, this plan offers up to $100,000 in loss protection reimbursement.

    Package Features

    • $100,000 loss protection reimbursement
    • Credit fraud consultation
    • 1-Bureau credit monitoring
    • Internet monitoring
    • Identity theft recovery help

    Ultimate Protection

    Starting at $19.95/mo

    Our take

    This plan offers everything included in the basic plan plus a few extra services. With the Ultimate Protection Plan, you get three-bureau credit monitoring, which means your score is checked across Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. This feature ensures any issues are flagged quickly so you’re alerted right away. At $19.95 a month, it’s a fairly low-priced plan when compared to similar offerings from other identity protection companies.

    Package Features

    • All the features in the Basic Protection plan
    • $1 million loss protection reimbursement
    • Credit scores and reports
    • Credit score tracker from Transunion
    • 3-bureau credit monitoring
Identity Protect Business Plans

Identity Protect Business Plans

Identity Protect also offers business plans. There are three business plans to choose from, protecting up to 10, 50 or 100 employees in your place of business. Those employees can access a suite of protection tools, including reports, credit monitoring and credit education tools. 

Identity Protect Features

Identity Protect Features

  • 1-Bureau or 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring

    Closely monitoring your credit score can help you prevent or reduce the impact of identity theft. Identity Protect offers monitoring of all three credit reporting agencies. However, the Basic Protection plan will only monitor one of these agencies.

  • Change of Address and Social Security Trace Reports

    If you change your address, Identity Protect offers a change-of-address service so you can easily update your new place of residence with the U.S. Postal Service. This feature can help to reduce mail theft and fraud. The company also provides Social Security trace reports that monitor the use of your Social Security number to flag any identity theft attempts. If your Social Security number has been used at any other reported address, Identity Protect will let you know and take action. 

  • Identity Theft Recovery Service

    If thieves manage to steal your identity, it’s vital to act fast. Identity Protect offers a full identity theft recovery service which helps you recover your information and put a stop to any current fraudulent action in your name. The company will help you cancel compromised credit cards, Social Security cards, insurance plans, loans and driver’s licenses. This service is insured up to $100,000 on the Basic plan and $1 million on the Ultimate plan.

  • Internet and Dark Web Surveillance

    Scammers and thieves love to target your online life. With many of us making personal information widely available on social media, this is an area of weakness that thieves can exploit. With Identity Protect, if your information appears anywhere online, you’ll get alerted to it fast. Both plans include this service as standard.

Compare Identity Protect With Other Providers

Compare Identity Protect With Other Providers

Identity Protect vs. IdentityForce

Both identity protection companies offer similar services. However, IdentityForce specializes in online and mobile security. With social media identity monitoring, two-factor authentication and mobile attack control, IdentityForce completely covers you online. Identity Protect offers internet surveillance as well, but it doesn’t offer as many specialized services in this area. 

Identity Protect vs. IdentityIQ

While IdentityIQ’s Secure Plus and Secure Pro plans have similar pricing to Identity Protect’s plans, IdentityIQ offers a pricier option on its Secure Max package. Overall, IdentityIQ does list many more services in each plan than Identity Protect, including coverage for lawyers, account monitoring and lost wallet assistance. 

Identity Protect vs. LifeLock

LifeLock offers a range of packages, providing more choices than Identity Protect. However, with the Identity Protect basic plan, you get more for your money, including internet surveillance and $100,000 loss protection reimbursement. LifeLock offers just $25,000 in stolen funds reimbursement plus alerts and credit monitoring. 

Identity Protect Review: Conclusion

Identity Protect Review: Conclusion

Identity Protect offers affordable identity protection services that cover several areas both online and offline. The $100,000 in loss protection coverage (and $1 million on the Ultimate plan) offers great reassurance for those worried about being a victim of theft. However, the information on Identity Protect’s website is fairly limited compared to other identity protection providers, and the company doesn’t seem to offer as many services as some other providers.



How does Identity Protect work?

Identity Protect works by scanning the internet and your credit scores to find potential threats and exposed personal information. The company will then alert you of the problem and work with you to address any security threats. 

How much does Identity Protect cost compared to other similar providers?

Identity Protect is a fairly affordable identity protection service. The basic plan costs $12.95 per month and the Ultimate plan is $19.95 a month. While you can get slightly cheaper alternatives, they often don’t include as many services as Identity Protect’s plans. 

Is identity theft protection worth it?

While being careful with your data and regularly checking bank accounts and credit scores is helpful, it’s not always enough to protect you from identity theft. With an identity protection service, you receive extra support and assistance, which can prove invaluable. 

How long does it take to recover from identity theft?

Identity Protect will alert you to any problems and help you cancel or replace compromised credit cards, driver’s licenses, insurance cards and more. With fast action like this, you can repair the damage to your credit score much more quickly than you would otherwise be able to.

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