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Identity Guard positions itself as a 21st-century solution to identity theft. Offering comprehensive membership access to its technology, Identity Guard will help you protect your sensitive information and provide 24/7 monitoring to alert you of activities that may indicate fraud. Read our Identity Guard review to see if it’s a good fit for you.
Updated Apr 28, 2021

Why Identity Guard?

Identity Guard offers three different single or family membership plans that aim to protect your identity and alert you at the first sign of a threat.

One of the company’s claims to fame is its partnership with IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence scanning software to take monitoring to the next level. Using algorithms that predict how your digital habits could make you vulnerable, the software recommends how you can change your habits to reduce risk.

Identity Guard prides itself on its quick response to any potential threat, stating “We’re looking out for you 24/7 to send you the fastest alerts through mobile app notifications and email.If you do experience identity theft, Identity Guard will also support you during the recovery process. All plans come with $1 million in insurance to cover your losses from identity theft, along with access to Identity Guard’s U.S.-based support team.


  • Family plans offered
  • IBM intelligent tracking
  • Affordably priced


  • Limited recovery services
  • Website doesn’t offer much detail
  • No credit monitoring in the basic plan

ID Guard Black Friday Deal

Identity Guard Packages

  • Value

    Starting at

    Our Take

    This competitively priced package offers a healthy assortment of services, including dark web monitoring and alerts, safe browsing extension and a U.S-. based, dedicated case manager to assist with any questions or emergencies.

    Package Features

    • Online identity dashboard
    • Safe browsing tools
    • $1 million identity-theft insurance
  • Total

    Starting at

    Our Take

    In addition to the value coverage, Total monitoring watches your bank accounts for any suspicious activity. Real-time alerts can better assist you in closing down your accounts and reporting the fraudulent activity to your bank before identity thieves cause damage. This plan also includes a monthly, single-bureau credit score and monitoring from all three credit bureaus.

    Package Features

    • Monthly credit score
    • Tri-bureau credit monitoring
    • Personal threat detection
  • Ultra

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Ultra is Identity Guard’s most comprehensive package, including full ID guard and credit protection services. You’ll have access to features like credit and debit card monitoring, social media insights, an annual tri-bureau credit report and investment monitoring.

    Package Features

    • Credit and debit card monitoring
    • 401(k) and investment monitoring
    • Annual tri-bureau credit report
    • Monitoring criminals and sec offenders in your area
    • Home title and address change monitoring

Top 3 Identity Guard Features

  • Identity Theft Scanning

    Identity Guard uses IBM’s Watson software to constantly monitor and scan the web for threats that include your personal data.

  • Instant Alerts

    With Identity Guard, anytime your information is found on the dark web or in suspicious files, you’ll get an instant smartphone alert and an email so you can take action quickly. 

  • Recovery Insurance

    If your information is compromised, Identity Guard will help you secure your data and repair the damage. You’ll also have $1 million in recovery insurance.

Compare Identity Guard Plans

Starting price
$8.99/mo. $19.99/mo. $29.99/mo.
Bank account & credit card protection
Dark web scan
Fraud remediation
Credit monitoring
Monthly credit score
Investment protection
Triple bureau monitoring
Safe browsing extension
Three credit reports
Risk management score
$1 million identity theft insurance
High-risk transaction alerts
Social insight report
Family monitoring available

Identity Guard Monitoring Monthly Costs

Identity Guard offers three plans. The Value plan starts at an affordable $8.99/mo. You’ll get access to dark web monitoring, data breach alerts, and safe browsing tools.

The Total plan costs $19.99/mo. You’ll get everything in the Value plan, along with a monthly credit score update, tri-bureau monitoring, and bank account monitoring

Lastly, there’s the Ultra plan which costs $29.99/mo. You’ll get all features found in both the Value and Total plans plus social media monitoring, credit & debit card monitoring, an annual tri-bureau credit report, and much more.

All plans include $1 million in identity-theft insurance and are available in single or family versions. You can save money by paying annually.

Identity Guard Credit Report Monitoring

Identity Guard’s Total and Ultra plans both offer credit monitoring services with all three credit bureaus, along with a single-bureau credit score. The Ultra plan also includes a tri-bureau annual credit report.

Identity Guard Identity Theft Recovery

If you become a victim of identity theft, an Identity Guard expert will help you secure your information again. The customer care team will help you repair the financial damage, and you’ll have $1 million in insurance to assist you with any losses.

Identity Guard Family Monitoring

Family monitoring is available for all Identity Guard plans. Each plan can protect all members of your household. Here’s a breakdown of family plan pricing:

  • Value – $14.99/mo.
  • Total – $29.99/mo.
  • Ultra – $39.99/mo.

Identity Guard Mobile App

The Identity Guard mobile app includes a number of features to monitor your identity:  

  • See your monthly Vantage credit scores from TransUnion.
  • Get instant alerts when there’s a change or suspicious activity.
  • Find answers to your questions about identity theft and credit.
  • Read the latest news on ID theft to keep you alert and aware.

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