Why Identity Guard?

Identity Guard positions itself as a 21st-century solution to identity theft. Offering comprehensive membership access to their technology, they’ll help you protect your sensitive information and provide 24/7 monitoring to alert you of certain activity that may indicate fraud.

One of their claims to fame is that they’ve partnered with IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence powerful scanning software to take monitoring to the next level. Using algorithms helps predict how your digital habits could make you vulnerable – thus instructing you how to change your habits to reduce risk.

Identity Guard prides themselves on their quick response to any potential threat, stating “We’re looking out for you 24/7 to send you the fastest alerts through mobile app notifications and email.” Identity Guard will also support you during the recovery process of identity theft. They state that if your identity is stolen as a member, they’ll reimburse you up to a million dollars* and will assist you with professional guidance every step of the way.

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Identity Guard Services & Prices

Identity Guard offers six membership plans with different features to protect you or your family’s identity.

Identity Guard Value
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Identity Guard Total
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Identity Guard Premier
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Starting price $7.20 $15.99 $19.99
Protect savings & credit cards Yes Yes Yes
Dark web scan Yes Yes Yes
ID theft monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Fraud remediation support Yes Yes Yes
Credit monitoring N/A Yes Yes
Protect investments N/A N/A Yes

Identity Guard FAQs

How does Identity Guard work?

Identity Guard has partnered with IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence to bring you some of the most sensitive, most responsive technology in identity protection. They can scan thousands of transactions in a millisecond to detect any potential threats that stand out, and will alert you via email or app notification within seconds. This digitally-focused service will help you stop any potential threats before they cause damage to your sensitive information.

What equipment is required?

There’s no equipment required with Identity Guard, but they do provide a mobile app that you have to access via a mobile device with adequate Wi-Fi access.

What is Watson?

Watson is an artificial intelligence system developed by IBM. Watson is capable of sifting through millions of transactions to detect any discrepancies in virtually no time at all. Identity Guard uses Watson’s capabilities to monitor billions of digital points of information regarding your online identity.

Do I need to give my Social Security Number to enroll?

You will need to give your SSN in order to enroll, as your SSN is one of the key data touchpoints Identity Guard uses to detect malicious activity. Their site and their entire system are completely encrypted, so you can trust that your sensitive information won’t be jeopardized with them.

Will Identity Guard also protect my devices?

Not necessarily. While Identity Guard does include the protection against malware in some of its plans, it won’t protect your devices from being hacked or from viruses attacking your computer from a risky download. It’s best to employ computer virus software to protect against cyber threats such as those.

Identity Guard Disclosures

*To see a full list of Identity Guard’s disclosures, please click here.