Realizing that elder financial abuse is a growing issue, EverSafe focuses their services on protecting seniors and their families from financial exploitation. Their alert system immediately reports suspicious behavior so you can stop identity thieves in their tracks.


What Sets Eversafe Apart?

What Sets Eversafe Apart?

EverSafe is a simple, easy solution for protecting your digital assets. The provider offers identity theft monitoring, dark web scanning, credit monitoring and a host of other services to help protect your information.

Their core model features 4 major functions:

  • Analyze
  • Identify
  • Alert
  • Resolve

Each of these key functions has its own unique body of measures EverSafe will take in order to keep your sensitive information safe. What’s unique about EverSafe is that their main focus is on the identities of the vulnerable population. The CEO recognized the need for identity protection for vulnerable seniors after his own mother was taken advantage of. Setting his sights on finding a solution for the millions of other vulnerable seniors at risk, he started EverSafe. Today, they still follow their mission of protecting those who are most at risk with the utmost care.

What we like

  • 30-day free trial
  • Spousal coverage
  • Special protection for the elderly

What we don’t like

  • No ID theft monitoring in basic plan
  • Limited industry knowledge
  • Only top tier plans carry insurance
Eversafe Plans

Eversafe Plans


Starting at $7.49/mo

Our take

While the plan doesn’t provide credit monitoring, it does monitor bank and credit card accounts to detect erratic behaviors that can indicate possible fraudulent activity. It also scans the dark web for misuse of accounts like savings and credit cards.

Package Features

  • Financial caregiving support
  • Elder Fraud detection
  • Alerts family and trusted advocates


Starting at $14.99/mo

Our take

Get more protection with the Plus plan that includes credit monitoring, in addition to automatic bank balance notices and missing deposit notices. If any credit cards are opened, you’ll immediately be alerted.

Package Features

  • Change of address monitoring
  • Identity restoration
  • $1 million service policy


Starting at $24.99/mo

Our take

Comprehensive coverage that includes tri-bureau credit monitoring, quarterly credit scores and reports and unauthorized account detection. Going beyond your everyday finances, you’ll also get investment monitoring.

Package Features

  • Erratic investment activity
  • Investment pattern changes
  • $1 million service policy
Compare EverSafe Plans

Compare EverSafe Plans

Starting price $7.49 $14.99 $24.99
Credit Monitoring No Yes Yes
Bank account & credit card monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Dark web scan Yes Yes Yes
Triple credit bureau monitoring No No Yes
Fraud remediation support No No No
Investment monitoring No No No
Frequently Asked Questions About EverSafe

Frequently Asked Questions About EverSafe

Is EverSafe for everyone?

While their services are geared towards the elderly, everyone is eligible for plan coverage. No one is immune to identity theft and if you want protection from fraud, scams or threats to your identity, EverSafe is certainly an option.

Can I sign up over the phone?

You can call the Eversafe team and set up your account over the phone. Once you’re set up, they’ll send you a link that you’ll need to click as part of their verification process.

Do I need online banking to use EverSafe?

You will need to have online access to any of the financial accounts you’d like monitored by EverSafe. If someone else manages your financial accounts for you, you’ll have to call the support team and they’ll walk you through how you can set up your bank accounts with EverSafe.

Can I add or remove bank or investment accounts?

Yes, you can make changes to your account information at any time either in your account or by calling. They’ll likely ask you to verify your identity before making any changes for you, but you have complete control over various settings.

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