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Complete ID gives consumers broad protection against identity theft, credit card fraud and similar violations. The company is a revamp of the old brand "Premium Identity Protection," owned by Costco. This affiliation gives it a trusted reputation among people looking for reliable ID security.
Updated Jul 8, 2020

What Sets Complete ID Apart?

Instead of providing only identity and credit monitoring service, Complete ID also gives you the help you need to take action against identity theft. It has “Identity Restoration Specialists” on staff to assist you with all of the reporting and other work associated with reversing fraudulent transactions and reporting identity theft. The support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Because Complete ID is a brand by Costco, Costco members receive the best rates for the service. Non-members can still sign up for $19.99 per month.


  • 24/7 restoration assistance
  • $1 million coverage of restoration fees
  • Mobile app available


  • Higher rates for non-Costco members
  • Per child rates can add up for large families
  • No additional benefits for Executive Costco members

Top 3 Complete ID Features

  • $1 Million Restoration Coverage

    Complete ID’s subscription includes coverage for up to $1 million in restoration-related fees and expenses. This applies to legal fees, credit refiling, lost wages and even childcare.

  • Complete Restoration Service

    Nothing is left up to you when Complete ID detects theft of your identity. Its team handles all possible reporting and resolution tasks, including phone calls and paperwork.

  • Monitoring Key Information

    Complete ID tracks and alerts you of suspicious activity involving key ID information, including your SSN, driver’s license, bank account numbers, passport numbers and email addresses.

Compare Complete ID Plans

Complete ID - Executive Members Plan

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Complete ID - Business and Gold Star Members Plan

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Complete ID - Non Costco Members

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Monitoring starts at
Dark web monitoring
SSN monitoring
Bank account & credit card protection
Criminal record monitoring
Family monitoring option
Credit monitoring
Identity restoration
Payday loan monitoring
24/7 support
Tri-Bureau credit monitoring

Complete ID Plans

  • Complete ID - Executive Members Plan

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Complete ID offers Coscto’s Executive members a highly competitive price of only $8.99 per person, per month for all of their protection and restoration services. Children can be added on to the plan for just $2.99 per child, per month. Other than the price points, the package doesn’t differ from the one offered to Business and Gold Star members.

    Package Features

    • Discount child additions
    • Recovery assistance
    • Lost wallet replacement support
  • Complete ID - Business and Gold Star Members Plan

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Complete ID has a standard protection package that covers everything from credit monitoring and bank account takeover services to dark web surveillance and Social Security number monitoring. Coscto’s Business and Gold Star members get access to this package for $13.99 per person, per month. Children can be added for $3.99 per child, per month. The same package is available for non-Costco members at $19.99 a month.

    Package Features

    • Tri-bureau credit monitoring
    • Recovery assistance
    • Lost wallet replacement support
  • Complete ID - Non Costco Members

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Non-Costco members can get the same benefits as Business, Gold Star, and Executive members for $19.99/mo. This includes dark web monitoring, SSN monitoring, access to child identity monitoring, credit monitoring, restoration services, and more.

    Package Features

    • Dark web monitoring
    • SSN monitoring
    • Access to recovery assistance

Why We Recommend the Business & Gold Star Plan

We recommend the Business & Gold Star Plan because you’ll get access to all of Complete ID’s features like ID theft insurance, dark web monitoring, SSN monitoring, and more, but you won’t have to pay the Executive Costco price ($120/yr.). The Gold Star and Business memberships with Costco are $60/yr. – half the price of what you’ll pay for the Executive membership.

Complete ID Monitoring Monthly Costs

Complete ID offers one comprehensive service, just at different rates based on Costco membership tiers. Business and Gold Star members pay $13.99 per person, per month, and $3.99 per child, per month. Executive members pay $8.99 per person, per month, and $2.99 per child, per month. Non-members can pay $19.99 per month for the service.

Complete ID Credit Report Monitoring

Credit monitoring comes with a financial dashboard that provides a complete overview of your credit scores and activity. It covers all three credit bureaus and has VantageScore 3.0 updates and alerts for any new account openings or applications.

Complete ID Identity Theft Recovery

A subscription gets you a dedicated restoration specialist whom you can contact about any cases of identity theft. They will guide you through the remediation process and take action on your behalf to resolve issues. $1 million of insurance covers any costs associated with recovery.

Complete ID Family Monitoring

You can add up to five children to your plan for $2.99–$3.99 per child, per month (depending on Costco membership level). The website does not mention the price for non-members to add children. You will get alerts when their identity information is used or spread. Complete ID also provides neighborhood watch monitoring, which includes alerts for local sex offenders.

Complete ID Mobile App

Complete ID comes with a mobile app that gives you access to your alerts, credit reports and all other reports that are included with the service. Fingerprint login is enabled for compatible smartphones.

Complete ID Guarantee

Currently Complete ID does not provide any guarantees.

Complete ID Frequently Asked Questions


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