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AllClear ID has provided identity theft protection services for over 15 years. Learn more about the services and features AllClear ID has to offer.

What Sets AllClear ID Apart?

What Sets AllClear ID Apart?

Founded in 2004 by Bo Holland, AllClear ID provides identity theft monitoring services for both adults and children. With AllClear ID, you can get credit monitoring, insurance coverage, a dedicated investigator for the recovery process, and child identity monitoring. There are two plans you can choose from: AllClear Identity Repair™ (BASIC) and AllClear Fraud Alerts with Credit Monitoring™ (PRO PLUS). AllClear ID does not require enrollment for their services. According to their website, you’re only able to access their service through a code from a business or organization. The provider also does not share pricing for their monitoring plans online. If your employer offers identity theft protection through AllClear ID, you can check with them to find out how much your monitoring will cost and additional details.


  • Credit monitoring
  • Child identity monitoring
  • Up to $1 million in insurance coverage


  • Identity monitoring plans not clearly defined online
  • Service is only offered through employers
  • Pricing for monitoring plans not available online
AllClear Identity Theft Protection Features

AllClear Identity Theft Protection Features

AllClear ID provides a number of identity theft protection features to help keep you informed. These are some of the features you’ll find with the provider:

  • Credit monitoring and fraud notifications – AllClear ID will monitor for any new lines of credit that are opened in your name and notify you.
  • Up to $1 million in insurance – In the event you experience fraud, AllClear ID will reimburse you for certain costs like fraud loss and lost wages. This policy is provided at no deductible to you.
  • Dedicated recovery support – AllClear ID promises dedicated support during the identity recovery process with one of their investigators.
  • Lost wallet protection – In the event you lose your wallet and credit/debit cards, an AllClear investigator will work to help you cancel your cards and replace them.
  • Identity theft protection for children – ChildScan monitoring is available for parents or guardians who have children under the age of 18. AllClear ID will monitor for unauthorized use of your child’s social security number. In the event that your child’s information is compromised, an AllClear investigator will conduct an inquiry and work to help recover their identity.
AllClear ID Warranties & Guarantees

AllClear ID Warranties & Guarantees

AllClear ID does not offer any warranties or guarantees for their service.

Frequently Asked Questions About AllClear ID

Frequently Asked Questions About AllClear ID

How does AllClear credit monitoring work?

Once you have received a code from your business or organization indicating that you can access AllClear ID protection services, you’ll need to visit the link or call the phone number provided in your email or letter. AllClear will monitor for any new lines of credit opened in your name and notify you. If you wish for AllClear to monitor your bank accounts, you’ll need to let a representative know who can assist you further.

How much does AllClear ID cost?

The provider does not share monitoring plan costs on their website. If you have a question regarding the cost of one of their monitoring plans, you’ll need to reach out to an AllClear representative.

How does AllClear ID compare to other ID theft protection services?

Compared to other ID theft protection services, we believe that AllClear ID is less comprehensive. Customers cannot directly purchase a monitoring plan on their own, but must go through their employer, and there are other monitoring features that AllClear ID doesn’t include like dark web monitoring, social account monitoring, and credit score tracking. If you want more comprehensive monitoring, we’d recommend reviewing these ID theft protection services.


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