ADT Identity Theft Protection

ADT Identity Theft Protection keeps an eye on your personal and financial records to help you avoid fraud and keep your identity safe.
Updated Feb 18, 2021

What Sets ADT Identity Theft Protection Apart?

ADT has been a trusted home security provider for over 140 years. Their physical protection now extends into the digital world with affordable identity theft monitoring. With the pervasiveness of data breaches and the possible fraudulent activity that follows, alerts detecting changes or suspicious activity in your credit file provides peace of mind. ADT’s services feature an online dashboard to view all activity, 24/7 monitoring, and alerts if there’s unusual activity. Their plan also covers up to $1 million in compensation to help you recover and resolve an incident


  • Affordable monitoring plan
  • Accessible dashboard and alerts
  • Up to $1 million in ID theft insurance


  • Only one monitoring plan offered
  • Additional enrollment required for credit score tracking and non-credit monitoring

Top 3 ADT Identity Protection Features

  • Affordable

    ADT makes protecting your confidential information affordable with low monthly payments of just $9.99/mo. for 24/7 monitoring.

  • Credit Monitoring

    ADT keeps an eye out for fraudulent activity involving your credit score. This takes the load off of you all while keeping you informed.

  • $1 Million ID Theft Insurance

    To help cover financial losses and expenses during the ID recovery process, ADT provides $1 million in ID theft insurance. Terms and conditions may apply.

ADT Identity Theft Protection Package

  • ADT Identity Theft Protection Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    While ADT currently offers only one ID theft package, the coverage is fairly robust and affordable when you compare it against other providers’ baseline packages. Their track record as a trusted home security provider, plus their $1 million insurance policy and resolution services makes it a stand-out option.

    Package Features

    • Dark web monitoring
    • Credit monitoring, scores and reports
    • Change of address monitoring
    • Public, courts and criminal records monitoring
    • Online dashboard and instant alerts

Need a home security system?

ADT makes it easy to secure your home with 24/7 professional monitoring, security cameras, and more.

ADT Guarantees

At this time, ADT does not have any guarantees for its ID theft protection services.

ADT ID Theft Protection Mobile App

At this time, ADT does not have a mobile app for its ID theft protection services, but you can visit ADT’s online dashboard to keep track of your monitored information. You’ll also get notifications if any suspicious activity is detected.

ADT Identity Theft Protection FAQs

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