Why ADT Identity Theft Protection?

ADT provides professional security monitoring to some 7 million customers across the country and has been the premier option for over 140 years. They continue to augment their traditional home and business security solutions with consumer privacy products, like identity theft monitoring.

ADT Identity Theft Protection follows in the footsteps of these successful initial endeavors by extending coverage to the digital realm. Their identity theft protection tool is an affordable option for those concerned with the pervasiveness of data breaches and the possible fraudulent activity that follows. The service covers up to $1 million in compensation, including the time and daily efforts used to recover your information. Featuring an online dashboard, 24/7 monitoring and instant suspicious activity alerts, ADT Identity Theft Protection ensures critical information about you and your family stays safe.

Identity Theft Prevention

ADT Identity Theft Protection Service & Pricing

ADT offers identity theft protection for a low monthly cost to help secure your personal information.

ADT Identity Theft Protection

ADT Identity Theft Protection

Starting at: $9.99/mo

ADT is one of the most recognized and trusted brand names in personal and home security. Established in 1874, ADT is nearly synonymous with security in the United States. They rose to fame with commercials emphasizing the importance of home security, showcasing the invasive and disruptive feelings that a break-in can cause. The blue ADT yard sign also became a widespread and iconic symbol of home safety and security. It was introduced to residential neighborhoods in the late 1980’s and has continued to help deter thieves today.

Using their name and reputation as leverage, ADT’s Identity Theft Protection helps the brand stay relevant in a digital world. By offering digital monitoring, reporting and instant alerts, ADT extends its trustworthy reputation to assist with fraudulent activity — especially when identity fraud is an all-time high. ADT’s identity theft protection services help calm increasing concerns about data security and privacy while maintaining its loyal customers and attracting new ones.

Package includes

  • Access to personalized online dashboard
  • 24/7 monitoring of personal and financial information
  • 24/7 toll-free professional fraud resolution
  • Credit monitoring and annual reporting
  • $1 million in reimbursement for losses related to identity restoration

ADT Identity Theft Protection FAQs

How does ADT Identity Theft Protection work?

ADT Identity Theft Protection offers safety and security in a world where identity theft is at an all time high. Threats exist on phones, computers and Wi-Fi networks — places our personal information is constantly being exposed to. This identity theft protection tool scans the Internet, dark web and other illegal activity sources to see when and where your personal and financial information is being used fraudulently. All information is tracked and stored in an online portal, offering a simple overview of your data.

What equipment is required?

No equipment is required to receive security from ADT Identity Theft Protection. This service works to scan digital environments for fraudulent use of your information. Unlike other identity protection services, it can access the dark web to scan for theft in unseen corners of the digital realm.

How much does ADT Identity Theft Protection cost compared to similar services?

Identity theft protection with ADT has a low to medium price point compared to other identity protection services. IdentityForce, LifeLock and ID Watchdog are noted as the three leading services, according to Reviews.com. These products offer similar features and range from $9.99/mo. to $14.95/mo.

Should I sign up for an identity theft subscription plan?

Signing up for a subscription plan with ADT ensures that they never miss a beat on your security. This offers optimum peace of mind, because you’ll never have to wonder if your data is being monitored. These services can be started or canceled at any time, and there are no hidden fees in the price point, minus the additional cost of tax.