The rebellious teenager who sneaks out has been a common image in our culture for generations. It seems like every movie or television show with a teen has them sneaking out of a window at some point. What do you do when that turns out to be your teen?  

Gone are the days when you had to sit up at night physically keeping an eye out. Thanks to home security features and other surveillance equipment, you can keep an eye on your teen digitally. Many popular home security features can double as a teenager sneaking out alarm, or simply act as a way to keep track of everyone who is coming and going, no matter where you are or what time it is. Read on to learn how to keep teenagers from sneaking out using your home security system.

Features to Look For In a Home Security System

Not all home security systems are equal, and some have certain features that are best for keeping an eye on a teen who likes to sneak out. Even if your teen is well-behaved, strategic home security additions can help you rest assured while still granting them increasing independence. Here are some of the features you should look for in a home security system:

ADT mobile app

Mobile app

All of the leading home security providers offer mobile apps. These can be set up to alert you whenever there’s activity detected, turning your smartphone into a teenager sneaking out alarm. App functionality may not come with the most basic home security packages, so when shopping for a home security system, make sure you’re choosing a package that includes app access. 


starter home alarm kit

Door and window alarms

Keep teenagers from sneaking out undetected with door and window alarms that integrate with your home security system. Your teen can’t get out undetected if the doors and windows issue a  teenager sneaking out alarm to your mobile phone whenever they’re opened or closed. 

Add door and window alarms to all exterior doors and any windows that are big enough for there to be an egress point.

Motion sensor

Motion detectors

Place motion detectors in the places that your teen must pass through in order to leave the house. Examples include the entryway, common areas like the living room and hallways. Modern motion detectors give an alert, often right to your phone, when motion is detected.


Frontpoint camera


Security cameras (either standalone devices or ones integrated into your home security system) make it easy for you to keep track of when household members come and go. Today’s best surveillance cameras give you notifications when motion is detected on the camera itself. You can then tune into the live feed to see if it is, in fact, your teen.

Indoor and outdoor cameras are available. Place them where you like. For instance, it might be a good idea to have an indoor camera to check on common areas and make sure there aren’t parties going on. Outdoors, cameras near the garage or driveway can keep an eye out for getaway cars.

On the market for a system that fits this description? You can also check our recommendations for the best professionally installed home security systems and DIY home security systems. All of the providers listed offer the above configurations.

How to Keep Teenagers From Sneaking Out: Security System Best Practices

Teenagers are known for being tech-savvy, and they’re usually highly motivated when they want to go hang out with friends. Also, it’s easy to find information on how to sneak out online.  Google turns back 22.6 million results when you type in “sneaking out of the house with an alarm system” and whole message boards revolve around trying to sneak out.

You’ll need multiple sensors and layers of protection to make sure your teen has less of a chance of disabling the security system. For instance, you might combine both cameras, some form of a teenager sneaking out alarm, and motion detectors.

However, remember that when you “arm” the system, that means professionals will monitor the system for any door or window activity, and will call emergency services if they can’t get in touch with the homeowner. In many cases, it’s best to keep the system disarmed and monitor it yourself via the app. Otherwise, the police might show up every time your teen opens a door. This is a drain on emergency services and you could be billed for false alarms.

Standalone Home Security Products

If you don’t want to go for a full home security system, often with monthly fees, you can get standalone products. These can be more friendly on the household budget. Examples include:

Wyze Security Camera


You can still get standalone cameras if you don’t want to go the full home security route. These often let you know if activity is detected via an app, as well. Cameras now come with people detection, night vision, and motion detection. Learn more about cameras on our rankings page or take a look at wireless cameras.


House lit at night

Motion sensor lights

These are a fairly simple measure if you just need something to deter your teen. Or you can combine motion sensor lights with other standalone products for a more comprehensive system. Either way, flooding an area with light is an excellent way to ruin a teen’s cover as they sneak out. These come in both indoor and outdoor options, so you can put some in the driveway and/or hallways.

Sabre door alarm

Door alarms

As the name suggests, these sound a loud teenager sneaking out alarm whenever a door opens. Your teen may switch to a window after it goes off the first time, or even learn to remove it. However, it’s still a useful line of defense. Examples include the 120 DB Loud Door and Window Alarm and the SABRE Door Handle Alarm.

Vyncs Vehicle GPS tracker

Vehicle GPS trackers

Let’s say your teen manages to get through all the above safeguards and is now cruising around in a car. That’s where vehicle GPS trackers come in. You can tell exactly where your teen is heading. An example is the Vyncs GPS tracker.