How to reset your home security system

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Updated Mar 13, 2020
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Do you know how to reset your home security system in the event of a power outage? Learn about the steps you can take in this post.

A power outage can disrupt the monitoring of your home security system, whether caused by utility repair or a major storm. Whatever the reason, it’s important to reset your system as soon as you can in order to stay protected. 

This easy-to-follow guide shows you exactly how to reset your alarm system at any point so you’re fully prepared to get your home security back on track.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Follow these steps to reset your alarm system after a power outage to ensure continuous monitoring of your home. Be sure to read to the end before getting started so you have all of the necessary information on hand for a smooth process. 

1. Find your security system status button

Your status button may flash a code either through an asterisk series or beeps. Different codes relay different messages depending on your manufacturer.

2. Find the manufacturer’s website for install instructions

Most home security companies keep their product manuals online. If you can’t find your own manual in the back of a kitchen drawer, perform a quick search to find instructions that are specific to the system in your home.

3. Locate the power source to the main control panel

Next you need to disconnect the power supply to your main control panel. Some systems are simply plugged into a wall outlet, making this an easy step. If, however, your security system is hardwired, you’ll need to actually turn off the power using your circuit breaker.

4. Disconnect back-up battery

Most home security systems also have a back-up battery. Temporarily remove these in order to completely reset your system after a power outage.

5. Leave power off for a minimum of 5 minutes

Now it’s time to wait. This gives your home security system time to completely reset rather than relaunching into the same series of alerts.

6. Reconnect battery leads

Once you’ve waited five minutes, retrace your steps and reconnect each power source. Start by inserting the back-up batteries into the system. Then plug the main control panel back in. Alternatively, if you had to turn off the power to shut off a hardwired system, go back to your circuit breaker and flip the appropriate switch. 

7. Press keys (*) (#) at the same time

To power your system back up, press and hold these two buttons: star (*) and pound (#). Wait five seconds while still holding them, after which point your security system should be completely reset. 

8. Key in your code

Finally, refer to your manufacturer’s manual to find the installation code. Since your system is reset, your previously selected code likely won’t work. Use the default PIN found in your instructions manual, then follow the steps to create a new code to use moving forward. 

While most systems are similar when it comes to the reset process, it’s smart to check with your home security provider for the specific steps. Small things like power supply back ups, reset buttons and default codes. If all else fails, call your home security provider to get help from start to finish. 


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