“Porch pirates” are unfortunately more common than ever, taking advantage of the fact that online shopping is at an all-time high. Even though it’s a federal crime, it’s so tempting and easy to snatch a package from someone’s mailbox or front door that some petty criminals can’t resist it. In fact, USA TODAY reported that 30% of Americans have been the victim of package theft. However, many burglars and thieves are opportunists. They’re on the hunt for easy targets and might just notice an attractive package and snatch it. Package theft protection can range from some simple best practices to using technology for an added safety boost. Here are a few ways to ensure your packages aren’t the most appealing on the block.

Package theft protection basics

One of the most effective ways to prevent package theft is to not let packages sit outside your home for too long. This isn’t always possible, but these measures help:

Tools and tech for secure package delivery

These investments can help keep your deliveries safe and may help you catch the culprit in the event of a grab-and-run.