When it comes to owning your own home the security that you put into your own home should make you feel secure when you are home. For example some security that you can add to your own home includes cameras but you can also see how smart landscaping can prevent burglars and improve your home security. Below you will not only find some new measures to help give your home more security by adding a few new natural bushes to your property to not only make you house look more beautiful but to add extra security.

Windows are a major flaw in a home due to the fact that a burglar can just open them if they are not locked and go in or they can bust through. A great way to help prevent burglary is to put up column bushes. Column bushes are taller bushes, usually trimmed this way, that will help to block off the window from access.

If you do not want such a big column bush in front of your home then you would want to think differently when it comes to using bushes to prevent burglars. Another great option for you to choose from is a bush hedge that is wider but comes up to the point right underneath your window. When you choose a bush like this it almost makes it impossible for someone to break in without getting hurt from the bush in the process. Bushes like this not only gives your house some more landscaping beauty but it also adds another sense of security to you and your home.

Another item that you would want to think about when doing smart landscaping for your home would be to remove the trees that are closest to your homes. Trees can be an access point that a burglar might use to break into upstairs windows. These usually are not locked due to the fact that they are on an upper floor so using a natural tree to climb up there would be fairly easy for a burglar to use. By transplanting trees to a different location to a different are away from the home you are preventing access.

Some different smart landscaping that can prevent burglars and help to improve your home security although not the most effective is using fences, flower beds, gravel, and other items. Although some of these are not the most effective they do have some uses. Flower beds for example would be able to catch foot prints and possibly other form of dna if it is needed. When finding smart landscaping to help prevent burglars and other crimes is a great idea without getting a lot of different security equipment.

Security for a home can include many different things but you would only want to choose the technology and the landscaping that would work best for you. Motion lights are a great addition but you would want to think about putting them in a location that is away from your bedroom window so that you would be able to get some sleep. Another great idea would be to have or add a security animal to your home. Whether it is a dog or whatnot the burglar would be able to hear the noise by the animal and want to move onto the next house because they wouldn’t want to deal with an overprotective pet.

If you have technological security for your home such as alarms you could add some of the above landscaping tips to help keep the burglars away from your home. If you are unsure how smart landscaping can prevent burglars and improve home security you can take a look at the different ways that a burglar can get into your home and block them with some sort of landscaping.