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Looking to build up your home’s safety and security? Protect your home with a security bundle from Honeywell Home Security for a variety of DIY security solutions. Trust tried and true home innovation that has protected 150 million homes for over 130 years.
Updated Mar 27, 2020

An Overview of Honeywell Security

Honeywell Home Security helps protect over 5.6 million customers with DIY home security solutions. From Wi-fi cameras to a variety of home security accessories, Honeywell Home Security has everything you need to create a customized security system. Most of their equipment can be controlled remotely using their mobile app. Their equipment also pairs with smart home devices and voice assistants for smart home security.

Start with the Smart Home Security Starter Kit, for all of the home security basics in one package. You also have the ability to customize your package or only buy the equipment you need to add to your home. So, how does Honeywell Home security stack up? Read our complete Honeywell security review to find out.  


8 out of 10


  • The starter package costs $449, and upgraded packages range from $499 to $699
  • Add-on equipment range from below $50 to $200.

For $449, the Smart Home Security Starter Kit is an all-inclusive DIY home security package. Choose the equipment you need or buy a kit built by Honeywell at one sum price. Each package comes with motion detection and video surveillance. You’ll have all of the security devices you need with easy customization. We like that for those seeking a more advanced investment in security, Honeywell offers two upgraded packages – Starter Kit with C1 Camera Bundle ($568.99) and Super Smart Home Security Bundle ($797.98) with smart home integrations, water leak detectors and a smart thermostat. 

Add-on products range from $19 to $200. Water leak detectors start at $19.99 and their T9 smart thermostat costs $199.99. Mix and match devices, or go bold with a larger bundle to simplify your home security selection. 

Stand-out Features

7 out of 10


  • Control your home’s security equipment using your smartphone
  • Thermostat and climate control

With the Honeywell Home Security App (formally Lyric), you can control your smart home and security devices from virtually anywhere using your smartphone. Honeywell’s home security system also works with thermostat and climate control home devices for all-in-one control. Detect water leaks using the Buoy® Whole Home Water Controller and receive alerts with your security system. Honeywell Home Security systems are compatible with voice assistants, Apple HomeKit, and If This Then That (IFTTT).


8 out of 10


  • The Smart Security Starter Kit includes all of the traditional home security equipment and extras
  • Add-on smart home devices are available including WiFi security cameras and video doorbells

We like how you can mix, match and add smart home security equipment the way you want. Honeywell also offers a smart home security outdoor MotionViewer® to detect and alert you of activity within 23 feet of your home’s area. Honeywell’s motion sensors are also designed to be pet-friendly for pets that weigh less than 100lbs to move without triggering the sensor.

Honeywell offers smart home security cameras with 24 hours of cloud storage for customers – which is usually an additional charge for competing security providers. You can also upgrade to a Premium Membership plan to save and playback 3,000 camera clips for 60 days.  

Honeywell’s basic home security system includes a camera base station, access sensors, a motion sensor, MotionViewers and a key fob. Otherwise, the two major bundles, Starter Kit with C1 Camera Bundle ($568) and the Super Smart Home Security Bundle ($797.98), each offer their own specific equipment, ranging from Camera Base Stations with Amazon Alexa compatibility, security cameras, and more. Still looking for additional gadgets? Check out a full list of Honeywell home security equipment and features.


7 out of 10


  • DIY installation for a quick and easy setup with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Honeywell home security equipment works with your current home security devices

We like that DIY installation gives you the flexibility to set up your equipment when and how you want. Adjust, mix, and match devices to fit your home. If you’re confused or concerned about setup, Honeywell has an easy-to-access online support guide for each device. You can also contact their Support team


Trial Period

6 out of 10


  • Home security equipment is under a 2-year warranty
  • 30-day risk-free trial on equipment

Honeywell Security offers a risk-free 30-day trial to try out your system with the original packaging for a full refund. All equipment is under a 2-year warranty. Keep in mind, after six months you’ll only be allowed to swap products or credit from Honeywell.

Each device’s warranty may vary or require a monthly subscription for service. For devices that require a subscription, you’ll receive up to two months free with annual pricing during service sign-up.

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