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Protecting your home and the items in it are essential. Learn more about Honeywell Home security solutions and whether they’re right for you.
Updated Feb 17, 2021


Honeywell Home delivers a variety of smart home and security options. On the security front, they offer the Smart Home Security Starter Kit, which includes a camera base station with built-in Amazon Alexa, two access sensors for your home’s windows and doors, a remote key fob, and Honeywell Home’s app to monitor your Honeywell Home security camera feeds. Honeywell’s security equipment includes wireless connectivity to control components remotely through the app.

C1 Wi-Fi Security Camera

This versatile camera works with the Honeywell Home app to define special alert zones for your home’s doors and windows. If it detects foreign movement or sounds, an alert is automatically sent from the app. The smart camera distinguishes between common noises such as ceiling fan operating and intruders to reduce false alerts. You can check on your home anytime using the app to see live 720p HD video. It’s easy to mount or secure on a table top, and features two-way audio to speak to your family using your smartphone.

C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera

Honeywell C2 CameraThis Honeywell Home security camera features two-way audio to check on your family when you’re away. It also has advanced night vision to capture clear images in darkness. And you’ll get a better view of your home with a 145° wide-viewing angle. Set-up the camera in minutes and control it from anywhere using your smartphone. Honeywell’s C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera also easily deciphers sounds to determine the difference between threats and which ones are commonplace.

Lyric Security and Home Control System

lyric control systemHoneywell’s all-encompassing home security system connects wirelessly to your home security and automation equipment for smart home security. You can control your Honeywell Home security panel, cameras and smart lights with the press of a button. The system is easy to set up, keeps your family safe and in the know.

Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector

Water damage is often overlooked as a home security concern that poses a lot of danger. Honeywell’s water leak and freeze detector senses when there’s a water leak and frozen pipes. If there’s a water concern, you’ll receive a mobile alert from the Honeywell Home app. The sensors can also detect changes in your home’s environment including excess humidity or rapid changes in temperature. 

ECONOSwitch 7-Day Solar Programmable Light Switch Timer

Honeywell 7-day light switch (D)Having lights programmed to go on at different times of the day can be a burglar deterrent. Honeywell’s programmable timer controls when your home’s lights turn on and turn off throughout the week indoors and outdoors. The timer pairs with popular light bulbs, including halogen, incandescent and fluorescent lights. It has seven customization settings to automatically set to turn lights on and off.

Total Connect 2.0 App

Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 mobile app is the digital hub to control all of your home’s devices using your smartphone or tablet. Use the app to lock doors, adjust the thermostat or disarm your security system. You’ll also be able to control smart lights, security cameras and control your system with hands-free Amazon Alexa voice commands. Total Connect 2.0 also automatically sends reminders to adjust light and security settings. And, if anything happens while you’re away you’ll automatically receive video, email or push alerts to check on your home from virtually anywhere.

Premium Portable Wireless Chime & Push Button

chime and push button-min (1)Honeywell’s door chime is designed to help secure your home and deter any potential thieves with a visual alert that your home is protected with Honeywell. The system flashes a light to alert the homeowner of visitors at the door – a helpful feature for the hearing impaired. The wireless chime works with three different transmitters including bell push buttons and motion detectors. This device works indoors and outdoors for any activity within 450 feet.

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