Hometown Hero

Local heroes are making a difference every day in the fight against the coronavirus. We’re shining the spotlight on someone you nominate to raise awareness about their community relief efforts and inspire us all to do the same.


With the Coronavirus making headlines across the globe, what lifts our spirits during these trying times are the stories of everyday people in our communities who are standing up and lending a helping hand to those who need it most.


We could all use some good news these days right? If you know or have heard about someone who is making a difference in your community – we want to hear about it!

Nominate Your Hometown Hero

Just fill out the form to nominate your local hometown hero. From generous donations to caring gestures of hope, this is our way of saying thanks to those on the frontlines of the fight. 

  • Tell us what your hometown hero is doing and why it's so inspiring to you.
  • Even better - add a photo of them in action or one that shows their impact on the community.

Safety.com Hometown Heroes

These folks aren’t in it for recognition, but we can’t help but share their inspiring stories. Thanks for sending! Keep the stories coming and nominate your hometown hero today.

John Brewer

Delray Beach, FL

Brewer, a residential realtor, joined his friends, Iain and Wayne, to create The Socially Distant Supper Club on Facebook to connect local restaurant owners and the community. The club set out to help local restaurants impacted during the shutdown by offering daily specials at featured spots.

Read more of John’s story here.

Alessandra Ferrara-Miller

Suwannee, GA

Miller created All for Lunch when she found that lunch money was a nationwide problem  — especially for those living food insecurity. Miller did the math to find that school lunch costs an average of $2.50 per day, and called on her community for help paying off lunch debt for kids — regardless of their circumstances. 

Read more of Alessandra’s story here.