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Jalesa Campbell
Updated Mar 2, 2021
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You may have already heard of Alexa Guard, but this week during Amazon’s annual event, Alexa Guard Plus was unveiled, giving Amazon Echo smart speaker and Echo Show owners access to additional home security features. If you’ve already tried a guard dog skill but have found issues with quality, you might find just what you need with this new service. Here are the details.

What Is Alexa Guard Plus?

Alexa Guard Plus is a new subscription service you can add to your Echo or Echo Show device for $4.99 per month or $49 per year. This service isn’t currently available, but once it’s released this fall, you can set it up by going to the Alexa app, tapping “Settings”, and selecting “Guard” to get started.

How Do You Activate Alexa Guard Plus?

To activate this service, simply tell Alexa you’re leaving to set it to the Away Mode, and she will listen for any activity in your home as well as if your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm sounds. She can also detect breaking glass. If something alarming or unusual is heard in your home, Alexa can send your phone a Smart Alert. In the event a break-in is suspected, she can sound an alarm.

If you’ve been wanting deterrence features to help protect your home, your wish has been granted with this service. Now, if one of your cameras detects motion, Alexa can play the sound of a barking dog to help scare away lurkers or potential intruders. Previous burglars have admitted that dogs are a deterrent. 

Take a Few Cues From Home Alone

A classic, holiday favorite offers some funny and interesting takes, a few of which this service can fulfill. While you’re away, Alexa can turn on and off any smart lights or automated lights to make it look like someone’s home. And even if you happen to be home and need help, such as in the event of fire, you can now access an Emergency Helpline that can direct your call to the right emergency service.

Guard Plus Will Also Be Available Through Other Home Security Providers

Amazon is partnering with Abode, Scout, Wyze, Resideo, and A3 Smart Home to offer Guard Plus with their security systems beginning next year. If you’re a Ring user and have a Ring Protect Plus plan, you’ll be able to use Guard Plus for free by connecting your Ring and Amazon accounts.

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