Ring’s Flying Drone Camera Is a Game-Changer for Home Security

Hedy Phillips
Updated Mar 2, 2021
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Ever since Ring products were born in 2014 (under the name Doorbot), they’ve provided unique technology for home security. The Doorbot was one of the first video doorbells on the market, and after Amazon purchased Ring, the home security product line expanded and got even better. Ring’s newest offering is the Always Home Cam, available in 2021 for $250, which is a flying drone camera that will up your home security game even more. 

To put it simply, Ring’s Always Home Cam works as a flying security device inside your home, which can give you more coverage area for protection. And, of course, because it’s a smart product, it’s super easy to monitor from your phone. 

Ring’s Always Home Cam Details

The Ring Always Home Cam is quite literally a drone camera for inside your house. The device docks in your home and the camera-equipped drone flies around the inside of your house as a security measure. Place the dock wherever you’d like inside your home — it doesn’t matter, because that’s not where the camera does any of its actual work. Here’s what you need to know about its specifics:

  • The drone cannot be manually controlled. When you set it up, you’ll guide it around a flight path to set up where you want it to monitor. This is the only flight path it will take unless you reset it and change it. It will take the same flight path every time.
  • It takes an hour to charge.
  • It provides a 5-minute runtime and streams directly to your Ring app in HD. The runtime is short and “purpose-driven,” according to CNET. Keep this in mind when designing the flight path so you don’t fall outside that parameter.

How Ring Always Home Cam’s Security Works For Your Home 

The Ring Always Home Cam can be an absolute game-changer for your home security. With one device, you can potentially cover your whole house. After you’ve guided the drone on the flight path, the device will continue to follow that path to patrol your home when you tell it to. You can pair the Always Home Cam with other Ring security devices to maximize the camera’s power as well. You can program the Always Home Cam to go out on patrol if a linked Ring security device detects a disturbance, otherwise the drone will just go on a schedule. 

But don’t think that this device is only good for break-in-related home security. You can use it for any home monitoring that suits you. This device is great for making sure you’ve turned the stove off or shut the windows. Even if you left something at home when you went to work this morning and can’t remember where it was, the Always Home Cam can find it while on patrol. While it may not be as easy to rectify these situations, you can be sure that the Always Home Cam can help you pinpoint an issue, even as small as leaving a window cracked when you know it’s going to rain later.

Also, because it’s not manually controlled, not only do you not have to worry about “driving” it around whenever you want it to monitor, but it should also mean better internal security that can’t be tampered with, though this will remain to be seen when the product is released in 2021.

The drone is also equipped with technology that will be able to sense if there’s an obstruction in the flight path. It if can’t complete the path, it will return to its base and notify you immediately that something was in its way. 

How Ring Always Home Cam’s Security Works For You

In 2018, Ring dealt with a security issue within their products that saw owners’ personal information leaked, according to CNET. After that, Ring implemented a two-factor authorization and added a new Control Center in the app to up your security. Going forward, all Ring products have fallen under this privacy protection, and the Ring Always Home Cam is no different.

The Ring Always Home Cam also does not record while it’s not in flight. While docked, the camera is shut off, and when it does take off to patrol its flight path, it makes a humming noise so you know it’s recording, should you be concerned about the camera capturing video you don’t want or haven’t approved. When the drone is docked, the camera is actually hidden inside the device, so it can’t record even if you tried to make it. Ring also added video encryption to the Control Center for an added layer of security.

CNET also added, “After end-to-end encryption becomes available later this year, customers should be able to turn on the feature for each individual compatible device. Ring will be providing a list of compatible devices later this year.”

The Bottom Line

Ring’s Always Home Cam can bring your home security system to a more comprehensive and effortless level when it’s released in 2021. Not only can this one product protect your entire home but it can also pair with your other Ring products for an even wider field of protection.

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