The eufyCam 2 Pro: Monitoring with No Monthly Fees

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Feb 24, 2021
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Looking for a security camera with no subscription plan and monthly fees? The eufyCam 2 Pro may be the device you need. 

With no monthly fees, the eufyCam 2 Pro packs in a number of helpful features for securing your home’s interior or exterior. It provides 2K resolution, advanced night vision, two-way audio, custom alert zones, and much more. Check out the details to help you decide if the eufyCam 2 Pro is right for you.

How Does the eufyCam 2 Pro Work?

You’ll be able to install the camera on your own, choosing between two different mounting types. You can use a screw mount or a magnetic mount for your camera. Similar to other setup processes, you’ll need to install the eufy Security app and continue setup from there.

Once you’ve completed installation for your camera and set up the HomeBase 2, you can now test your new device. If you walk by your camera, you should receive an alert on your smartphone, letting you know that motion has been detected. If you tap the alert, you’ll be able to see the footage captured by the camera. Your recordings are saved locally and protected with a 256-bit, military-grade encryption.

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Deter Criminals with Anti-Theft Detection

One good feature that helps to make up for is that you can activate the Anti-Theft Detection feature if the camera is stolen. This feature will cause the camera and HomeBase 2 to sound an alarm, letting you know that the camera has been moved or stolen.

Arguably, the magnetic mount itself does have a drawback.  Someone could easily walk up and take the camera, but this anti-theft detection feature could cause thieves to think twice.

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Set Up Custom Activity Zones & Adjust Settings in the eufy Security App

Get alerts for activity in areas that matter more by setting up your own activity zones. In the mobile app, you’ll be able to map out areas around your home or inside your home that you want to monitor. That way, you’ll be notified if someone walks into the zones you’ve set up.

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) also helps to prevent false alerts. The eufyCam 2 Pro can distinguish between people and objects, so you can adjust the settings for human detection only and not get alerts for instances when cars pass by.

Other features include:

  • Adjustability: With the eufy Security app, you’ll be able to adjust the camera’s sensitivity, battery settings for conserving energy, video quality, and more.
  • Strong battery power: frequent charging won’t be necessary as the camera’s battery life is set to last a full year on a single charge.
  • Weather resistance: In rain or shine, this camera is manufactured to withstand the elements with an IP67 weatherproof rating.

Apple HomeKit Secure Video Will Provide End-to-End Encryption

Video security and privacy is a hot topic right now, but eufy is stepping up its game with Apple HomeKit Secure Video. This feature will be accessible through a later update but will provide users access to recordings through end-to-end encryption. This helps to protect your camera from being hacked.

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Our Take: Is the eufyCam 2 Pro Worth It?

We’re impressed with the eufyCam 2 Pro and its features. While the camera quality is 2K, which is not as great as 4k, it still offers some pretty nice video surveillance features. Plus, the Anti-Theft Detection is nice-to-have if you want to use the magnetic mounts for easier installation. We also like that the camera has built-in A.I. to detect the difference between humans and objects and gives you the ability to set up custom motion zones.

You can purchase the eufyCam 2 Pro (2-camera kit) for $319.99 on Amazon. You’ll receive two cameras, the home base, and additional items in the kit for setup.

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