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Can I Take My Security System with Me When I Move?

Setting up a security system can be a long and personal process. You’ve designed your home’s security to fit your needs, so of course you’d like to bring it with you when you move. Some security companies make it very easy to pick up the equipment and relocate to a new home. Others charge fees or have a few stipulations on moving, and some companies’ equipment can’t be moved at all. Then there are those companies that do an alarm transfer, or let you activate a security system in the house you’re moving into that someone else left behind. 

We’ve broken down a few of the major security companies and what the moving process is like for each.

Provider Comparison

Provider Comparison

Security System
Do they charge Moving Fees?
Can the equipment be moved?
Are there any contract stipulations?
Vivint There is a $129 installation fee and a $129 removal fee. Yes, bring your panel and any plug-in items No
Frontpoint No Yes No
ADT Reactivation starts at $20 No Must sign 36-month contract
Nest No Yes No
Simplisafe No Yes No
Blue by ADT No Yes No
Cove No Yes No
Abode No Yes No
Brinks No Yes No
Link Interactive No Yes No
Guardian Protection Yes, it varies Yes Must be an existing customer for the past year
Alder For professional installation it’s $99 Yes No
Vector Yes, varies based on contract No No
Bay Alarm No No No
Moving policies for top home security providers

Moving policies for top home security providers


Vivint allows you to bring your own equipment to your new home or have the company do the full uninstall and reinstall. If you move your equipment yourself, you’re just paying a $129 professional installation fee to set up the system at your new place. Vivint asks that you bring your panel and any plug-in items with you and they’ll set you up with a new starter kit at your new home. They’ll also replace up to three items, including door locks, thermostats, doorbell cameras, if you had them at your old home. If Vivint does the whole process for you, you’ll pay an additional $129 removal fee at the old house.



Frontpoint makes it really easy to move. Just hop on to the Move Portal and fill in the information on your new home. Frontpoint will provide you with a moving kit that will help you get set up in the new place. Your equipment is wireless and easy to move, and customer service is available if you need help setting up.



ADT’s equipment is tied to the house, which means you’re also probably leaving yours behind. The company’s moving policy generally requires you to purchase a new system at your new home. However, if you moved into a house with an ADT alarm, you can activate that system for a lower cost to you. You’ll still pay an activation fee and have to sign a 36-month contract, but ADT’s transfer service also includes deals to save you money on both equipment and installation.



It’s incredibly simple to move your Nest system from one home to another. Nest has provided thorough instructions for moving, including how to get everything uninstalled and reinstalled in your new home. The only stipulation is that the move won’t work if you’re going to another country. Otherwise, it should be easy enough to do.



The Simplisafe moving policy is very straightforward. Simplisafe offers a free mover’s package. All you have to do is call the company to inform them of your move, pack up your equipment, and set it up at the new house. You can also leave your system behind in your current house, but you should still inform Simplisafe that you’re moving so they can disconnect the service. 


Blue by ADT

Blue by ADT understands the process of customizing your home security system, which is why they make it easy to move the system with you if you find a new home. It’s easy enough to transfer service to a new address and set up all the equipment again. Blue by ADT’s customer service is also on standby should you need help.



Cove provides easy instructions for how to shut off your security system and set it up in your new home. It’s very simple to do, and there are no fees or stipulations. If you’re having trouble with the relocation, Cove’s customer service is readily available. 



Abode lets you take your whole security system when you move, with no cost and no stipulations. Simply pack up your equipment and set it up at your new home. Just make sure to change the address on your account. If you’re struggling with any part of the process, you can contact Abode’s customer service.



Brinks is a totally wireless system, which means you can easily pack it up and move it to a new home with no fees or stipulations. Brinks just reminds customers to fully set everything up in the new house and then notify them of the move so they can have your up-to-date information on file. 


Link Interactive

It’s easy to move your Link Interactive system to a new home. Follow these easy steps to uninstall and reinstall, starting with informing Link Interactive of your move. Once you’re in your new home, simply set up the system and switch it back on. If you need any help, Link Interactive’s customer service is there for you.


Guardian Protection

Guardian’s moving policy isn’t readily available on their website. The accessible information states that you can indeed move your equipment to a new home, you just have to call them to do it. Relocation fees vary but seem to start around $99, and they ask that you be a customer for at least one year before transferring your service. You can also opt for a new system at your new home if you’re already a customer, and you should be able to get a deal on that system.



You can move your Alder security system for no fee if you choose, or you can have an Alder technician set up the system for you in the new house. The setup fee should cost about $99, but you’ll have to confirm with Alder when you call to inform them of your move. Their moving policy is not readily available online but customer service can provide more information on your exact contract when you call.  



With Vector, you have to contact the company to find out exactly what your move will cost. It can vary based on your contract and your move. However, when you move to your new home under a contract, they offer 50% off professional installation of a free Basic Security System and 15% off monitoring. 


Bay Alarm

If you’re currently a Bay Alarm customer, relocating is covered under the Relocation Guarantee. If you move into a home with an alarm system, even if it’s not Bay Alarm, the company will come out and hook it up for you for free. If you move into a home with no system, Bay Alarm will install a basic system for free. They also offer discounts on upgrades if you move into a home with a lower-level system. Call before your move and they’ll get it squared away for you.

Other things to keep in mind when moving

Other things to keep in mind when moving

  • Call your security provider: This should be the top of your list when figuring out how to move your security system. Find out if there are any hidden stipulations or processes you need to follow, but at the very least, they need to know your new address and move date.
  • See if your new place has a security system: If your new home already has a system installed that’s being left behind, see if it’s a better cost to you to transfer your service rather than remove that system and install your own. It will depend on what company your system and that system are through.
  • Check your contract: Some contracts require you to be a customer for a certain period of time before you can move your service and some companies require new contracts at a new address.


Moving your security system to your new home doesn’t have to be hard. Many companies allow you to uninstall and reinstall your own equipment and many others allow you to do an alarm transfer and simply activate a system in the house you’re moving into. Call your security provider when you’re preparing for your move to find out what your options are.


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