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The Swann 4K Enforcer Kit Is Guaranteed to Scare Off Intruders

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Feb 25, 2021
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If you’re looking to keep tabs on unwelcome guests, you’ve found a camera system to add to your list.

The Swann 4K Enforcer Kit is one-of-a-kind, featuring red and blue flashing lights, plus spotlights, and a siren. Porch pirates and intruders are bound to think twice if they trigger the system.

Named a 2021 CES Innovation Award Honoree, this security camera kit requires no subscription plan for storage, features color night vision, and more. We share more details on this camera system in our post.

Features of the Swann 4K Enforcer Kit

This security camera kit includes several features you won’t find with more basic home security products, like their signature red and blue lights,  Night2Day color night vision, facial recognition, and free local and cloud recording.

The Enforcer Kit comes with four bullet cameras for the colored lights and two dome cameras for spotlights. Additionally, the kit has sirens that can be triggered by motion, while video will be recorded in crisp, 4K definition. Even at night, this system provides ambient lighting up to 115 ft. You can also set up this camera system to recognize family members and friends with facial recognition to avoid activating deterrence features.

True Detect™ Heat-Sensing Capabilities + Power over Ethernet (PoE) Connection

This Enforcer kit’s True Detect™ heat detection allows the system to pick up anything that radiates heat. The helpful side of that is that it’s not likely to detect leaves and moving branches. With this kit, you’ll only receive activity alerts. You can also adjust settings in the app like video quality and playback videos. The system is powered over an Ethernet connection, providing a more stable connection and no need to place the camera near a wall socket. Unlike older Swann Enforcer kits that are DVR-based, this is the first to provide Networking Power over Ethernet (NVR).

Our Take: Is the Swann 4K Enforcer Kit Worth It?

While we don’t know the price yet for this advanced camera system, we still think it will be a worthwhile purchase. For example, we highly recommend deterrence features like the Enforcer’s since they’re not easy to find in the market.

If you want a more reactive system, then that is the route to take. Additionally, this camera allows you to record and review videos for free locally and on the cloud. We think it’s a definite perk that not all brands offer.

About Swann Communications

Swann is a globally recognized brand in home security solutions. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Swann now has offices in 40 countries across the world. Products you can find with the brand include Wi-Fi camera systems, DVR camera systems, solar-powered cameras, and more.

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