The Blue by ADT Smart Home Hub: Here’s How It Works & What the Brand Offers

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Updated May 18, 2021
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If you’re familiar with ADT, you’re probably heard of the security company’s step into the DIY smart home security sector with Blue by ADT, featuring custom and pre-select packages consumers can choose from. ADT has also created a smart home hub that functions as the brain of its new DIY security systems.

The Blue by ADT Smart Home Hub is the central point of control for its corresponding DIY security system. The hub works in tandem with the security system, responding to your sensors and additional connected devices like security cameras, smart lights, smart locks, and other products. This hub uses Z-Wave technology, giving you the ability to pair it with compatible devices.

The Home Hub makes home security flexible and affordable for homeowners and renters alike looking for a way to protect their families and valuables but avoid any contracts. The system, which you can choose to see as professional or self-monitoring is priced under $300.

Blue by ADT: Video Review

How Does the Blue by ADT Smart Home Hub Work?

Setting up and using the Blue by ADT Smart Home Hub is easy. You’ll want to set it in a middle point of your home for optimal connection strength between the hub, sensors, and other devices. Also, make sure the hub is not placed near any televisions, entertainment systems, or appliances that generate heat.

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One you unbox the hub, plug the power cord into a nearby wall outlet and install the Blue by ADT mobile app. Once the app is installed on your phone or tablet, follow the instructions for setup and connection using your home wifi. Make sure the Bluetooth setting is also enabled on your device. From here, you can start setting up additional devices like sensors, cameras, and others.

What Kind of Monitoring Plans Does Blue by ADT offer?

You can choose between professional or self-monitoring with Blue by ADT. Professional monitoring starts at $19.99/mo., no contract required. You’ll also get a free month of professional monitoring, one perk you won’t see everywhere with home security companies.

What Kind of Equipment Packages Does Blue by ADT offer?

If you’re a true DIY-er, Blue by ADT gives you the reins to build your own security system. The Build Your Own System starts at $179.99, and provides the smart home hub and the app, and adds on additional devices like sensors. You can also consider the Starter System ($219.99) and Starter Plus System ($299.99).

  • The Starter System – Tacks on two door and window sensors, four window stickers, and a yard sign. This package is better for those needing to cover two main entryways.
  • The Starter Plus System – provides four door and window sensors, two motion sensors, four window stickers, and a yard sign. This package is better for those who want to cover up to four entryways as well as protect two main areas of the home.

Additional peripherals include the Blue by ADT Doorbell Camera, Indoor Camera, Wireless Outdoor Camera, the Wireless Outdoor Camera Kit, and the Extender + Chime.

Our Take: Is the Blue by ADT Smart Home Hub Right for You?

We really like the DIY home security system options that ADT provides with this lineup. We believe the smart home hub is right for you if you want a centralized setup that doesn’t require mounting yet still affords the same functionality you’ll find with a professionally monitored system, like connections to compatible cameras and smart devices. The Blue by ADT Smart Home Hub has been named a CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree, and it’s easy to see why with its advancements in the home security and smart home space.

About ADT

ADT is a leading provider of home and business security solutions across the U.S. with more than 200 locations in the nation and 6 million customers. ADT has been assisting customers for 145 years, garnering trust and partnerships. The company offers both professional and DIY security solutions for homeowners, renters, and businesses alike.

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