Guardian Protection Security Reviews of 2020

Helping families to secure their homes for over 68 years, Guardian Protection is one of the largest security providers in the U.S. Learn more about this provider’s solutions and how it stacks up against the competition with our Guardian Protection Security Review.

An Overview of Guardian Protection Security

Guardian Protection provides home security solutions to a number of states across the country. While the provider’s services aren’t available to all 50 states, Guardian Protection has a lot to offer in addition to basic motion detection. You can add on smart devices to your home security system and cameras. Learn how the provider compares to competitors as we examine price, stand-out features, equipment, installation, and trial period in our Guardian Protection Security Review.

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7 out of 10


  • The price for equipment starts at $99.00, which is inexpensive compared to other providers
  • Professional monitoring starts at $45.99/mo., which is more expensive compared to other providers
  • Customers have to choose between either a 36-month or 60-month contract

For equipment, Guardian Protection is an inexpensive option compared to other providers. You can get everything you need for basic motion detection, remote mobile app control, and even Bluetooth disarming with the base package that costs $99.00.


In terms of professional monitoring, Guardian Protection’s starting price of $45.99/mo. Is higher than most providers. You’ll get wireless and cellular monitoring, but there are other providers who offer these features for a cheaper price. You’ll also have to enter into either a 36 or 60-month contract for your service with Guardian.

(D) Standout Features – Reviews

Standout Features

8 out of 10


  • Access to mobile app control and Bluetooth disarming
  • Access to a $500 Theft Protection Guarantee and an online customer dashboard

One of the biggest stand-out features that Guardian Protection has to offer is Bluetooth disarming. This feature will allow you to automatically disarm your security system as soon as your smartphone comes in range of your control panel, giving you hands-free disarming. Guardian also allows you to access and manage your security system and smart home devices by mobile app. As an additional perk you’ll find, in the event your home is burglarized while your security system is armed, then Guardian Protection will pay up to $500 towards your insurance deductible. This is not a common guarantee among most providers.

(D) Equipment – Reviews


8 out of 10


  • You’ll get the equipment needed for motion detection
  • You can add on smart home devices, security cameras, and home environmental monitoring devices

With Guardian, you’ll get the devices you need for motion detection, and if you desire, you can add on security cameras, home environmental monitoring devices, and smart home devices. Some smart home devices you can choose from include a video doorbell camera, smart thermostat, garage door controller, and more. These offerings are pretty typical amongst other providers and can definitely improve your safety.

(D) Installation – Reviews


7 out of 10


  • Guardian Protection offers professional installation for their security systems

You won’t have to be concerned with ensuring your devices are installed to function properly as a technician will come out and do it for you. Guardian even guarantees a quality installation, and if you experience any operational issues within the first six months that Guardian does not correct, then you will be refunded for the cost of installation and any monthly monitoring fees you’ve already paid.

(D) Trial Period

Trial Period

7 out of 10


  • No trial period
  • Limited lifetime system repair

If you’re looking to try out your new security system before committing, Guardian wouldn’t be the right provider for you. Guardian Protection doesn’t have a trial period, but the provider does have a limited lifetime system repair warranty to assist with any repairs that need to be made. Most providers have a time-frame in which you can return the equipment in the event you are unsatisfied, and typically this period is 30 days.

Guardian Protection Security Reviews of 2020

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