Guardian Protection Security Equipment of 2020

In operation since 1950, Guardian Protection has become one of the largest and most respected security companies in the U.S., serving hundreds of thousands of customers with smart technology and 24/7 professional monitoring.
Updated Mar 13, 2020


Guardian Protection is an award-winning national security company that strives to provide maximum peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring systems, home automation equipment, video surveillance equipment, burglar alarm systems, fire alarms and medical alert systems. To complement its selection of security products, Guardian Protection takes pride in staffing its own monitoring centers which hold a Five Diamond level accreditation from The Monitoring Association (TMA). 

This guide provides an overview of Guardian Protection doorbell cameras and security cameras for your home or business.

Indoor Security Camera with Night Vision

Guardian Protection’s indoor security cameras let you see what’s happening inside your home when you’re not there. Night vision gives a clear view of your surroundings, even when the lights are off.  These cameras must be professionally installed and connected to your home security system by a trained installer. Once they’re installed, you can use your security system or web-connected phone, tablet or computer to view the inside of your home. You can program the camera to record video clips and send you notifications instantly via email or text when a new clip has been recorded.

Outdoor Security Cameras with Night Vision

See what’s going on outside your home with Guardian Protection’s weatherproof outdoor security cameras. View daytime images and video in full-color HD. Its infrared night vision records in the dark in black and white up to 40 feet away.  You can view the outside of your home from the Guardian app on your smartphone, tablet or PC, or by going online and logging into your account. You can have the outdoor security cameras record video and send you notifications via text or email.

Image Sensor

The Image Sensor combines a still camera with a motion sensor so that when the motion sensor is activated, a single image is recorded. The Image sensor will take color images during the day, and it uses infrared technology to take black and white photos in little to no light areas and in complete darkness. The sensor contains a “pet immunity feature” with a weight limit of 40 pounds. The Image Sensor records images to an online image gallery that you can access using an app from your web-connected smartphone, tablet or computer, or by logging into your account online. You can program the sensor to text or email you when images have been recorded.

Motion Sensing Video Doorbell Camera

Guardian Protection’s doorbell camera lets you see who’s outside from anywhere you can connect to the web. When someone rings your doorbell, it activates the camera and audio sensor while notifying you simultaneously so that you can answer the door from your smartphone, see who’s outside and speak with them. If you have the Smart Door Lock, you can also choose to unlock the door from your smartphone to let someone in.

Streaming Video Camera

The Streaming Video Camera works in tandem with your indoor or outdoor cameras to record video continuously, 24/7. Each unit can hold up to 1 terabyte of video and you can connect as many as four cameras to your security system. Since this camera records video locally and only uses your internet connection for notifications or selected video playback or remote recording, you won’t have to worry about excessive bandwidth usage on your home network. You can view video locally, by using your Guardian app on your computer, tablet or phone or by logging into your online account.

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The Safety Team is a group of experts that handle provider research, product reviews and recalls to make your home safety and security search as easy as 1-2-3.

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