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Guardian Protection Home Security

Learn about how Guardian Protection has offered 68 years of smart home and security packages to keep families and businesses safe.

Guardian Protection Home Security — Our Take

Guardian Protection Home Security — Our Take

Guardian Protection is a top pick for homeowners with a few perks. Their award-winning 24/7 professional monitoring and 6-month money-back guarantee all exceed customer expectations. Guardian offers affordable smart home security with one base package that makes it easy for customers to customize based on their equipment needs. Unfortunately, Guardian Protection’s package requires a 36 or 60-month contract, and it’s only available in select states.


  • Geo-location services for arming/disarming
  • $500 Theft Protection Guarantee
  • 6-month money-back guarantee


  • Provider’s service is not available in every state
  • Requires a 36 or 60-month contract for service
  • May have to pay an installation fee

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Guardian Protection Home Security Review

Guardian Protection Home Security Review

Guardian is noteworthy for its standout equipment, including a doorbell camera, garage door opener system and Kwikset keyless door lock. Of course, you’ll still get home security essentials including motion detection, entryway sensors and a touchscreen panel. However, Guardian Protection doesn’t stand out among other providers when it comes to pricing and a trial period is not available for a risk-free test run of their equipment and services. 

Guardian Protection Home Security Pricing and Features

Guardian Protection Home Security Pricing and Features

Guardian Protection has a base package to make it easy to get started with home security. Their package includes the necessities you need for better protection and safety. You can customize your package and add extra equipment based on your needs. Guardian has a few customized package options to help you get started including the Frequent Flyer and Protect My Parents packages.

If you want to add extra smart security equipment just upgrade the package to include the products you want. Guardian offers a doorbell camera, garage door opener and smart lock for outdoor security. They also offer an indoor camera, smart thermostat and smoke detector. The basic equipment package starts at $250, and professional monitoring stars at $45.99/mo.


    Starting at $45.99/mo

    Our take

    Rather than offering set packages, Guardian has one Base package that can be upgraded with individual products as needed. The basic package includes all of the whole-home security essentials including a control panel, sensors and motion detection plus popular security features like a mobile app to control your equipment and remote arming and disarming. Free professional installation is also included. Equipment starts at $250.

    Package devices and features include:

    • 1 PowerG motion detector
    • IQ2 Power G Panel
    • 3 PowerG door and window sensors
    • 24/7 professional monitoring
    • Free professional installation
    • Free Guardian Protection mobile app
Guardian Protection Costs

Guardian Protection Costs

Guardian Protection offers one standard home security package. It includes professional installation and professional monitoring services for $45.99/mo. The package’s equipment starts at $250 and includes the home security essentials. You can add additional essentials or smart home equipment to this package for additional costs. Keep in mind that Guardian may charge additional fees for video storage and recording with their security cameras. 

Guardian Protection Installation

Guardian Protection Installation

Guardian Protection home security systems are professionally installed to give homeowners a hassle-free security setup. Each Guardian Protection technician must complete a 10-week onboarding program with corporate and classroom training. They also must complete their state’s required testing, licensing and at least 287 scenarios and professional installations to ensure that you’re getting professionalism and expertise that you need.

If you run into any issues within six months after setup and Guardian cannot resolve them, you’ll be refunded installation costs and any monitoring costs you’ve paid. Call Guardian Protection for an accurate quote on installing your home security equipment. 

Guardian Protection Equipment

Guardian Protection Equipment

Guardian Protection offers a number of home security and smart home devices to customize your security solution. Pricing for add-on equipment varies.
Using Guardian Protection

Using Guardian Protection

Guardian Protection offers professionally monitored home security to alert monitoring professionals when sensors are triggered in your home. Their trained specialists will then alert emergency responders to your home if there’s an emergency. You can also get live security updates using Guardian Protection’s mobile app. Here are a few features the app offers: 

  • See live camera footage from your smartphone
  • Arm, disarm and check the status of your system 
  • Control your smart home devices — including smart lights, locks and thermostats

Guardian Protection is backed by a $500 theft protection guarantee to cover up to $500 of your insurance deductible if your home is burglarized while it’s monitored. This guarantee is already included in your service. Guardian also offers a limited lifetime warranty to cover repairs and replace defective equipment. 

Guardian Protection Home Automation

Guardian Protection Home Automation

Guardian Protection is a top choice for families looking to add home automation to their home security. Guardian offers a number of products to create whole-home smart security and automation with these available products:

  • Smart thermostat  
  • Smart lights 
  • Appliance modules 
  • Garage door opener 

Bluetooth control is also available using Guardian’s IQ2 touchscreen control panel. You’ll be able to disarm your system, unlock your door and more by simply identifying yourself.

How We Reviewed Guardian Protection Home Security

How We Reviewed Guardian Protection Home Security

Each of our home security providers is evaluated on a number of factors that help families determine their home security needs. 

Cost — We evaluate all costs included in your home security service including monitoring, video storage, equipment and one-time fees. Home security is an investment, but we look for affordable home security that’s reasonably priced upfront and monthly.

Equipment and Features — Our team looks for easy-to-use equipment that gives customers better security and control of their home’s safety. We also look for smart home features, mobile app control and other standout features to make managing home security simple.

Service — We consider customer services including installation, technical support, consultations and other available services to keep your system up and running without worry.

Warranties, Trial Periods and Guarantees — Most providers offer warranties and guarantees to ensure your customer satisfaction with their equipment and services. Some also offer trial periods for a risk-free test run. Consumers should feel confident in their home security choice with enough time to try the equipment and service and feel satisfied months later with their decision.

Installation — We believe that setup should be seamless – whether DIY or professionally installed. Home security installation should be easy and support should always be available to help you whether you’re starting with a new system, expanding or troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Guardian Protection

Frequently Asked Questions About Guardian Protection

Does Guardian Protection offer both professional and DIY installation?

No, Guardian Protection only offers professional installation at this time. DIY installation is not available. 

What is Guardian Protection’s $500 Theft Protection Guarantee?

With Guardian Protection’s $500 Theft Protection Guarantee, you’ll receive up to $500 towards your insurance deductible if your home is burglarized while monitored with Guardian. 

What happens if my Guardian Protection home security system loses power?

The Guardian Protection home security system is equipped with a backup battery to keep your system connected to Guardian’s monitoring centers. 

What is Guardian Protection’s cancellation policy?

Call Guardian Protection or visit the website to understand the cancellation process and any termination fees. 


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