Guardian Protection Releases Its First Temperature-Screening Thermographic Camera

Dashia Starr
Updated Jul 29, 2020
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The spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, has led to fast-moving advancements in health and technology. Many companies are appointing an employee to screen everyone that enters for COVID-19 symptoms, but Guardian Protection is leading the way with its first thermographic camera to make temperature screening fast and easy to avoid interrupting day-to-day functions.

About Guardian Protection’s Thermographic Camera

The thermographic camera doubles as a thermometer to check each individual’s temperature before entering your place of business. It’s designed to accurately screen for temperatures at a safe distance and give rapid results in seconds. The camera can also sound an alert if someone’s temperature is too high and needs further screening.

Guardian’s thermographic camera is easy to install using its plug-and-play setup. It includes a WiFi module that connects to your business’ smartphone or computer and records each individual temperature scanned.

Case Study: The Armstrong Group

Guardian Protection reported that the Armstrong Group recently added these cameras to their facilities to help keep their workers safe since they were deemed an essential business. The Armstrong Group only allowed access to their buildings at entrances where thermographic cameras were installed. Employees now stand in line at a six-foot distance while waiting to be scanned. The camera is placed on a tripod 1 foot away from the employee and their temperature is checked in two seconds before the employee can go further in the building. As a result of the camera’s success, the Armstrong Group plans to include at least 35 more cameras across their facilities nationwide.

Guardian Protection shared that this thermo camera is perfect for any business including daycares, nursing homes and any facility that wants to keep employees safe while saving time. For pricing, availability and a quote on more business security equipment, contact Guardian Protection.

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