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Updated Apr 15, 2021
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When the Google Nest first came out, it was known for its innovative capabilities and state-of-the-art features. Now it’s time for Google’s newest generation of this product line: the Google Nest Hub 2. Despite a COVID-19-related setback due to the cancellation of the 2020 I/O Conference, Google officially launched the Nest Hub 2 on March 31, 2021. 


What Is the Google Nest Hub 2?

Seemingly identical to its predecessor, the Google Nest Hub 2 is a polished smart home hub with extra features that fit into the same dimensions as the previous flagship model. The Nest Hub 2 has many of the same features found in the original model, like smart home integration and interfacing, an AIO display, and far-field microphones paired with a full-range speaker. 

In its latest model, Google has managed to add a pocket full of sensory utilities and its new, sleep-empowering Soli sensor. Additional features in the Nest Hub 2 include a full-range speaker, a mic off switch and an upgraded 64-bit CPU. While similar to its predecessor, the Nest Hub 2 seamlessly adds newer features and starts at $100.


Is the Nest Hub 2 Worth It?

After weighing the features and upgrades, the Google Nest Hub 2 is superior to the original Nest, outshining in added features and just a tad of future-proofing. The Nest Hub 2 is precisely what it strived for: an improved bedside AIO smart hub. 

The Nest Hub 2 doesn’t aim to be a smart hub powerhouse, made evident through its dated LCD screen. With a resolution of 1024 x 600, the 7-inch touchscreen isn’t a display that you should expect to be clear when viewing from across the room. Instead, the newer model is ordained as more of a bedside smart hub. The Nest Hub 2 also possesses Motion Sense by Soli, which has sparked a noticeable buzz.


Nest Hub 2’s Key Benefits & Features:

  • Ideal for bedside use
  • Google Voice Recognition
  • Soli radar technology
    • Motion Sense for sleep monitoring
  • Three far-field microphones
  • Camera-less display ensures bedroom privacy
  • Sensory assessments that report:
    • Coughing
    • Sneezing
    • Snoring
    • Changes in light
    • Change in temperature
    • Body movement
  • 50% more bass for speaker without increasing the entire unit’s wattage
  • Quick Gestures
  • Built-in Chromecast
  • Music services and playback control
  • Sunrise prompts a gradual screen illumination until your alarm sounds
  • Thread border router, supported by IPv6 


How Google Nest Hub 2 Works

Retailing at $100, the Google Nest Hub 2 offers a solid pocket full of bedside functions and smart home integration support. The Nest Hub 2 can enhance mornings by assisting your automated routines and management from your bedside. Your sleep patterns will be monitored and assessed by Google’s unique Soli radar chip. Using a short-range radar-based sensory system that supports peripheral perception, the Soli chip can register and use specific gestures from the user to prompt functions and provide a hands-free interaction. The sensory system will benefit you during your sleep, as well. By incorporating a machine learning engine in the Soli chip hardware, the Nest Hub 2 can help recognize your daily routines and enhance the simple functions throughout your day. 

While the smart hub’s software is almost identical to the previous model, the added functions are featured in the Nest Hub 2’s digital interface. As far as compatibility, the smart hub has all the wireless connectivity drivers required to unite contemporary electronics and automation peripherals.


Should You Upgrade to the Nest Hub 2?

The Google Nest Hub 2 doesn’t attempt to defeat the Nest Hub or even the Nest Hub Max. For those seeking entertainment and increased accessibility features, the Nest Hub Max may better fit your needs. 

The Nest Hub 2 is not the camera-integrated, loudspeaker entertainment hub that completes a tech-inspired living room. However, it will be a considerable upgrade for those who want to adopt the newer features to support their smart home from the bedside. Of course, you can still place the Nest Hub 2 outside of the bedroom. But keep in mind, the Soli feature won’t be able to use its radar-based sleep monitoring system if the device is stationed anywhere other than your bedside. 


Google Nest 2 Launch

Google’s Nest Hub 2 is now available for purchase, though most retailers have already sold out. A product from a company like Google is expected to go quickly, so keep your eyes peeled for the Nest Hub 2 to roll back in stock over the next few months. Look out for other Google products, too: The Nest Hub 2 appears to be one of many launches from Google’s 2021 line of product releases that have been gathering anticipation nationwide. 


The Bottom Line

The Google’s Nest Hub 2 is a great smart hub bedside device for those looking for an all-in-one product that includes features like an alarm, digital picture frame and music stereo. Plus, the Nest Hub 2 allows you to track your sleep without you having to wear a device — though the information may be more limited than other activity monitoring devices.

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