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Want to save on a security system from Frontpoint? Here, we share any specials Frontpoint is currently running and the benefits to having Frontpoint’s services.

Frontpoint Specials

Looking for a home security system that will fit your budget? We’ve got you covered.

Based on Frontpoint’s website, the provider usually offers some kind of discount on its home security packages. There may be stipulations to taking advantage of these deals, but Frontpoint makes it easy for you to understand what you’re getting with each package. Currently, you can purchase the Safe Home Starter, Safe Home Everyday or Safe Home Plus packages for just $99.00 each, making these the lowest priced security packages you’ll currently find with the provider. You’ll have to hurry as this deal will end in July!

If you’re not satisfied with Frontpoint’s preset packages, you are welcome to tailor them to fit your needs. If you decide to customize your package, be aware that you may incur additional charges. Learn more about Frontpoint specials and benefits you can take advantage of as a customer.


Frontpoint Deals on Home Security Packages

Frontpoint is currently running a special on select home security packages. You can purchase the Safe Home Starter, Safe Home Everyday or the Safe Home Plus packages for $99.00 each. With each package, you are saving over 70% off the retail price. This offer requires a 3-year professional monitoring agreement with Frontpoint, the cost of which ranges from $34.99-$49.99 per month.  This offer can’t be combined with any other offer.

Here’s a breakdown of the Frontpoint equipment packages you can get for this deal.

Frontpoint packages you can currently get for $99

Safe Home Starter Package

Want just the basics? Skip right to the chase with the Safe Home Starter Package.

In this package you’ll get the Frontpoint Hub, keypad, 2 door/window sensors, a motion sensor, yard sign, window decals and a door sticker. This package is great if you don’t need to cover many entry points. For reference, each Frontpoint motion sensor is designed to cover up to 44 feet and has a 90-degree field of coverage. The Frontpoint Hub is designed to be smash-proof, meaning that if an intruder destroys it while breaking in, the monitoring center will still be notified.

The Safe Home Starter Package has a retail price of $430.95.

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Safe Home Everyday Package

Need a step above the basics for more points of entry? The Safe Home Everyday Package has you covered.

This package includes everything in the Safe Home Starter Package plus an additional door/window sensor and motion sensor. You’ll be able to cover two large rooms with the motion sensors as well as multiple doors or windows. For instance, you could cover your front door, garage door and back patio/deck door. The motion sensors can be applied in main areas where there tends to be a lot of traffic.

The Safe Home Everyday Package has a retail price of $528.93.

 Safe Home Plus Package

Have a furry friend?

The Safe Home Plus Package will be great if your pet roams around your house, because it doesn’t come with motion sensors that may cause false alarms. This package comes with the Frontpoint hub, keypad, 3 door/window sensors, 2 glass break sensors, signage and stickers. Like the Safe Home Everyday Package, you can cover 3 doors in your home with sensors if you prefer. In the event this happens, the Frontpoint monitoring center will be alerted.

The Safe Home Plus Package has a retail price of $548.93.

Benefits of Frontpoint Security

Frontpoint’s 30-Day Trial

So you can try out your home security system and determine if it is a great fit for your needs, Frontpoint offers a 30-day trial. If you’re unhappy with your Frontpoint security system, you can return it without having to cover the cost of shipping or a restocking fee. This is one benefit you get with Frontpoint – you won’t be tied down to a security system that isn’t a good fit.

The Flexibility of DIY Installation

Are you comfortable with putting things together yourself? Then you can avoid paying an installation fee with Frontpoint’s security systems as you can install them on your own. A DIY home security system allows you to be able to determine where you’d like to place certain equipment, and one of the best parts about Frontpoint’s systems is that they come pre-programmed and ready to use. If you need some assistance, check out the Frontpoint User Guides here.

Optional Video Surveillance to Help You Stay in the Loop

Video surveillance provides additional peace of mind, and Frontpoint gives you this option with security cameras. You can add on security cameras with either of these packages mentioned for the deal, or you can purchase the Safe Home Preferred or Safe Home Elite packages which comes with at least one camera. With Frontpoint security cameras, you’ll be able to view what’s happening inside or outside of your home with clear, high resolution video.

Protect Your Home With Frontpoint

Whether you’re looking for basic home security solutions or want to add on security cameras and smart home devices, Frontpoint gives you this freedom. With Frontpoint, you’ll be able to self-install your security system and try it out to see if it’s a great fit for your home.

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Jalesa Campbell