How to Install a Frontpoint Security System

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Updated Apr 7, 2021
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We provide some basic steps for setting up Frontpoint’s security system and protecting your home.

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Frontpoint Installation

Frontpoint security

One of the benefits of buying a Frontpoint security system is being able to avoid an installation fee since Frontpoint’s equipment can be self-installed. The company claims their system can be installed in as little as 30 minutes, and they provide online user guides, videos, and answers to frequently asked questions to help you get started. Depending on the package you choose or customize with Frontpoint, the installation process may vary. Here are some basic steps for setting up the Frontpoint security system, sensors, and the doorbell camera.

How to Install Frontpoint Security System

Frontpoint’s security system is designed for simple, DIY installation. Each Frontpoint security system comes with a hub, keypad, plus a variation of sensors and signage for basic intrusion detection. Certain packages add on additional devices like a glass break sensor, smoke and heat sensor, or indoor camera. Here’s how to get started setting up the Frontpoint Hub.

How to set up the Frontpoint Hub

The Frontpoint Hub is part of the “brain” of your security system paired with the keypad. The light on the hub changes color based on its status, and it has four status modes:

  • Arm Away (red light)
  • Arm Stay (yellow light)
  • Disarmed (green light)
  • System Needs Attention (blue light)

How to set up the hub: 

  • Unbox your Frontpoint Hub and choose a level surface for placement. Be sure to keep the hub away from other electronics and metal devices as much as possible.
  • Plug the power cable into the hub and the nearest wall socket
  • Wait until the Frontpoint emblem turns green (it will show a white light for about 10 to 15 seconds)
  • Once green, your hub is ready to go

How to set up the Frontpoint Motion Sensor

Frontpoint’s wireless motion sensor can detect motion for up to 25 feet and has an 80-degree range.

  • In a high traffic area of your home (ie. living room, den, kitchen) choose a corner, wall, or flat surface to adhese or set the motion sensor (it must be at least 4 to 5 feet above the ground)
  • Once it’s in place, test the sensor by placing your finger on the bottom of the sensor and pressing up on the grooved button to remove it and replace it – the sensor’s red light should turn on
  • Walk away from the area where you’ve placed the sensor and wait for the red light to turn off
  • Once the light is off, walk across the area where you’ve placed the sensor and see if the light will turn on (if it does, the sensor works properly and is ready to be used with your security system)

How to set up Frontpoint Door and Window Sensors

Frontpoint’s door and window sensors are made up of two parts: a transmitter and a magnet. These two parts need to be aligned based on the arrows shown on each, and they must be no more than a thumb’s width apart.


Placing a Sensor on a Door

  • Cleanse and dry the location on your door where you’d like to place the sensor
  • If you have a flush door, you should place the magnet (the smaller device) on the door itself and place the transmitter (larger device) on the frame
  • If you have a panel door or a door with ornamental molding, you can place the transmitter on the door and the magnet on the frame (whichever will be most convenient based on the door’s design)
  • *If you have a different setup, you can visit Frontpoint’s online Resource Center for assistance


Placing a Sensor on a Window

  • If you have a window with one sliding pane, place the magnet and transmitter at the side of the window. Be sure that they are within a thumb’s width apart.
  • *If you have a different setup, you can visit Frontpoint’s online Resource Center for assistance

*Video by Frontpoint

How to Install Frontpoint Doorbell Camera

If you purchase the Skybell Doorbell Camera with your Frontpoint security system, here are some requirements you’ll need before use:

  • You must have an existing doorbell to install Frontpoint’s doorbell camera
  • Your home Wi-Fi must have at least a 2 mbps upload speed

How to Set up the Frontpoint Doorbell Camera:

  • Shut off the power to your existing doorbell
  • Remove your existing doorbell
  • Add the mounting plate for the Skybell doorbell (Do not let the wires touch while you’re doing this!)
  • Feed the existing wires through the mounting plate
  • Slide the video doorbell onto the mount and tighten the bottom screw
  • Once the Skybell logo flashes red and green, the doorbell is ready to sync (A blue pulse means that the doorbell is charging)
  • Log into your app and select the “Doorbell camera” tab
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your doorbell camera to your home Wi-Fi
  • Once you’ve synced the video doorbell, you’re all set!

If you’d like to see a visual of the installation process for the doorbell camera, Frontpoint has a video that can you walk you through this:

*Video by Frontpoint

Once you’ve set up all of your Frontpoint devices, be sure to either contact Customer Support for system activation or activate your system online using your smartphone’s browser, and you’ll be ready to use your Frontpoint security system.

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