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Create a safer smart home with Frontpoint equipment. You’ll find the essentials you need and additional features like smart devices and home environmental monitoring devices to strengthen your security.
Updated Aug 24, 2020

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Frontpoint Home Security Overview

Frontpoint Security is known for its fast response times, professional monitoring, a good selection of home automation features and excellent connectivity with your favorite virtual assistants. Frontpoint security equipment also comes pre-configured and ready to use — no drilling, wires or professional installation needed. With Frontpoint, you’ll also enjoy peace of mind thanks to redundant battery backups and encryption, which ensures your system is armed full time and your data is safe from hackers.

Frontpoint Equipment

Frontpoint Hub

Frontpoint helps protect your home with a cellular-connected hub that communicates with all of your home’s sensors without relying on landlines. It can also use your home’s Wi-Fi network as a backup connection. Frontpoint’s hub is smash-proof so that it continues to sound a high-decibel alarm and alert the professional monitoring center if thieves break your system. The hub is Z-wave compatible to connect your favorite smart home gadgets to your Frontpoint security system with ease.

Frontpoint Keypad

Frontpoint’s wireless keypad lets you easily control your Frontpoint security system anywhere in the home. Place keypads throughout the home to quickly arm and disarm your system conveniently. The keypad also allows you to quickly check the status of your home security system with a quick-glance light.

Frontpoint Door and Window Sensor

Never question if a door is open. These easy-to-install sensors use wireless signal transmission and stick on doors and windows. If a door or window is opened while the system is armed, the sensor will sound a high-decibel alarm. You’ll also receive a Frontpoint security mobile app notification. Frontpoint’s sensors have long-lasting battery life, low battery and defect alerts so you always know they’re working.

Start building a safe smart home with Frontpoint security equipment.

Frontpoint Glass Break Sensor

If intruders try to break windows to enter your home, your glass break sensor will instantly alert you with a loud alarm and mobile notification. The battery-powered sensor uses 100% wireless signal transmission and pattern-recognition technology to automatically alert you at the sound of broken glass within 20 feet in a 360-degree radius.

Frontpoint Garage Door Tilt Sensor

Left home and forgot to close the garage? No worries! The battery-powered Frontpoint Garage Door Tilt Sensor will automatically send a mobile alert. The sensor is easy to install on your garage door using two screws or peel-able adhesive.

Frontpoint Motion Sensor

Always know who’s moving throughout your home with Frontpoint’s battery-powered motion sensors. They’re designed to detect motion within 44 feet at a 90-degree field of view. These motion sensors are also pet-friendly for your security system to stay armed while your pets move freely. The motion sensors are equipped with long-lasting battery life for up to eight years.

Frontpoint Carbon Monoxide Sensor

If carbon monoxide levels are detected, Frontpoint’s sensors will quickly alert you with a high-decibel alarm to escape safely. Frontpoint’s monitoring center will also be notified to alert emergency responders to your home. The carbon monoxide sensor is also built to automatically detect any malfunctions and includes a 5-year battery life and 7-year sensor life before replacement.

Frontpoint Smoke and Heat Sensor

The smoke and heat sensor is a smoke detector to alert you of smoke and fires throughout the home. It instantly notifies Frontpoint’s monitoring center and sends you a mobile notification if smoke or heat is detected. The sensor will also alert you if defects, low battery or tampering is detected. It has a 10-year battery life and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Frontpoint Outdoor Camera

Frontpoint’s wireless Wi-Fi outdoor camera simply plugs into a wall outlet to watch over your home. It’s equipped with night vision, a 77-degree field of view and multiple video recording resolution options. The camera is weatherproof and works in temperatures ranging from 4 -122-degrees Fahrenheit to withstand heat, humidity and moisture. It’s designed to capture motion-triggered activity, and data encryption keeps the footage safe from hackers. You’ll have the freedom to review, save and share all videos using the Frontpoint security app anytime, anywhere using your smartphone.

Frontpoint Premium Indoor Camera

The Premium Indoor Camera captures the moments that matter most by automatically recording motion-triggered activity in the home. It’s built with night vision up to 15 feet, a 180-degree field of view and digital zoom functionality. You’ll also be able to chat with your family while you’re on the go using your smartphone and the camera’s Bluetooth speakers. A noise-canceling microphone enhances two-way audio functionality.

Frontpoint Doorbell Camera

Frontpoint’s Doorbell Camera gives an unobstructed view of who’s at your door with 720p HD resolution and a 180-degree field of view. Whether your guests press the doorbell or not, you’ll automatically receive a mobile alert to see who’s at your door before you answer. The camera includes night vision to see within eight feet of your home in the dark. It also includes two-way audio to speak to visitors at your home via smartphone.

Frontpoint Mobile App

Frontpoint’s mobile app allows you to control your home’s security system when you’re on the go using your favorite mobile device. You’ll be able to quickly check the status of your home’s security sensors and control them with the press of a button. Frontpoint’s app allows you to easily close the garage, unlock the door and see live camera footage of your home whether you’re at home or on vacation.

More Key Details About Frontpoint Security

  • Professional monitoring

    Frontpoint’s professional monitoring service gives you the peace of mind you need when you’re away to ensure your home is safe and secure. Frontpoint monitoring starts at $44.99/mo. and is required with all of the provider’s security systems.

  • No contracts

    Frontpoint recently dropped its contract requirement. Previously, customers used to be subject to a three-year minimum contract. You can now pay for professional monitoring service month-to-month and unsubscribe at any time.

  • Home automation

    With Frontpoint, you’ll find smart locks, smart light bulbs and other gadgets that can be controlled with your smartphone. You’ll also be able to create automated routines such as automatically turning on lights when the sun sets or unlocking the door.

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Frontpoint security equipment is some of the most cutting-edge in the business. Frontpoint offers a wide variety of security and home automation features which make it well worth the cost. For a robust, easy-to-install service with plenty of advanced features, look no further than Frontpoint.

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