flood protection systems keep your home from floodingWhen it comes to protecting our homes, flood detectors may not jump to mind like a fire or burglar alarm—but perhaps they should. Despite their name, flood detectors offer protection against much more than flooding. They detect changes in moisture that can become drips and leaks that may cause mold and further leaks, as well as flooding—all potentially leading to structural damage to your home, which can mean costly repairs. They can prevent leak and flood related falls, protecting loved ones.

How Flood Protection Works

Moisture sensors are placed or installed in potential leak, overflow, or flood-risk locations throughout the home–this may be directly on the floor, in a cabinet beneath a sink or water heater, in the basement, or beside a bathtub. Once water is detected, the sensor sets off the alarm—likely a loud, audible sound and/or blinking light. If the detector is connected to a home security monitoring system, the monitoring service is alerted and will immediately contact the homeowner.

Options for Home Flood Detectors

Many options are available to customize the flood protection system that will work best for your needs. Wireless/battery powered detectors have the advantage of long battery life, easy installation and maintenance and more placement options. Connection to water shut-off systems are the quickest way to minimize damage, and, if freezing temperatures are an issue, some devices are also equipped with cold temperature monitoring which can protect against burst pipes.

Why You Need Flood Protection

Anyone who has experienced water or flood damage knows all too well the potential severity and cost of damages. While it makes good sense for those who live in high flood risk locations, in terms of prevention, it makes sense for most everybody. Flood detection provides:

  • Early detection of moisture, water leaks and flooding, which often go undetected for long periods.
  • Protection against mold, which can be a serious health risk.
  • Protection for elderly and children from falls caused by water leaks and overflows.

How to Choose a Flood Detection System

The best choice of a flood detection system is the one that satisfies all of your family’s and home’s requirements. Where you live and who lives with you and the structural condition of your home will determine the type of water protection you need:

  • Moisture
  • Water
  • Temperature

And the options you want for your protection system include:

  • Wireless
  • Shut-off valve
  • Home monitoring service